WordPress 3.3 “Sonny” – The Good, The bad and the Unknown

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The latest version of the worlds most popular blogging platform, WordPress 3.3 released on 12th December 2011. WordPress 3.3 has come with tons of new features and design updates, and the developers have barely left anything to complain about. The design updated, new features added, WordPress 3.3 is ready to fire.  New Design does not mean that WordPress Admin Panel has changed its looks, it has changed the functioning of the navigation panel on the left side. In WordPress 3.3, they have also added a different admin bar on the top of the WordPress Admin Dashboard which looks better than the previous version and does not irritate any more. Take a deep breath before diving into all the new features of WordPress 3.3 released just now. WordPress 3.3 has been code named ‘Sonny’ in honor of the Jazz Saxophonist, Sonny Stitt.

The Media Uploader – a Rich Experience

The new WordPress 3.3 Media Uploader has made things better and easier. A couple of features introduces in WordPress 3.3 Media Uploader gives you a remarkable experience. WordPress have Streamlined things.

File Type Detection

Media Icon in WordPress 3.3

Single Media Upload Icon

After the update to WordPress 3.3, the major change one can notice is the Media Uploader. It is looking beautiful and functions alike. A new feature that they have added is that wordpress can now detect the type of file. So instead of clicking on specific Upload Icons based on file type, you just have to click the one button available.

The Drag-and-Drop Media Uploader

WordPress just introduces Drag and Drop uploader with version 3.3. This made adding photos and pages easier.Adding photos or other files to posts and pages just got easier. Drag files from your desktop or other folders and drop them into the uploader.  More than one file can be uploaded at a time and it looks visually pleasing too.

More File Formats

Just for people who use RAR or 7Z archives, wordpress has added support for those extensions also. That means that now you can easily upload .rar and .7z files as you could add .zip files in the previous versions.

Dashboard Design

The dashboard design was also revamped. This included the Navigation menu on the Left Side of the admin dashboard.Lets see some of the changes in Dashboard design in Worpress 3.3.

Flyout Menus – Most distinct update in WordPress 3.3

I was eagerly waiting to tell this to you all. This is the most distinctive and noticeable update in Version 3.3, the new Fly-out menus. To speed up navigating the dashboard and to reduce repetative clicking WordPress introduces new flyout navigation menus. This means that as soon as you bring your mouse over any item on the navigation menu, the sub menus of that item will appear on the right side, providing single click access to any item.

Toolbar Combining Header Bar + Admin Bar

WordPress 3.3 introduces a new Toolbar which combines the old header bar and the admin bar which was so often complained of. The new toolbar actually looks good and is quite useful and even if you do not use it you can tolerate this one. This toolbar is anyways very useful with many options that you need quick access to. Hovering over any item in the toolbar reveals a sub menu (if available).

The new toolbar in WordPress 3.3

The new toolbar in WordPress 3.3

New Help Tabs

There are new help tabs located on the upper corner on the dashboard screens below the name. The help content has been broken into smaller section for your ease of access.

Know about new WordPress

Feature Pointers – Know Whats new

Before WordPress 3.3 update, whenever they introduced it was not clear what was updated. Not any more. The new wordpress introduces a cool new feature which will throw stylish boxes with messages that let you know about the features.

The new post – Update Page

WordPress just added a page in the wordpress dashboard which reports to you about the changes that have been made when you update your WordPress.

New Tools

Co – Editing Improvement

Earlier whenever one author had finished editing a post, if some time later another author edited it he would get a warning message. Now you get this message only when you are editing a post in the same time.

Import from Tumblr

You can now import content to wordpress from Tumblr. In import under tools you can find the all new tumblr importer which will import your content from Tumblr in WordPress format.

Configuration of Widgets

When you change themes in WordPress you are often Required to re-configure them to match their position on the sidebar. After this update, even if you add a new theme and then roll back to the previous theme your Widget Configuration of the previous theme comes back!

More Minor updates

Permalink Structures

It is easy now to choose permalinks for a post. You may choose to skip the date or categories slug without any performance barrier.

There have been other changes like new Jquerry Libraries, but lets not get into those stuff.

Download WordPress 3.3

I have taken hours preparing this post for you all, I will be very happy if you take a minute or two to leave a comment below.

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