Why You Shouldn’t Host Your Own Website

As easy as it is to design your own website these days, many people want to host their own website, too.  It’s an understandable impulse; the notion of owning every part of your website, of building it up from nothing and managing it entirely alone, can be exciting, even if it is a little romantic and unrealistic.
The truth is, it is very difficult to host your own website, much more difficult at least than most people understand.  Conceptually, hosting a website is simple: after you create website files, you upload them to a server, and then connect the server to the internet and voila!  In reality, however, the process is much more complicated, and probably not worth doing unless you are a technophile.

First of all…

A quality website today won’t run on outdated hardware.  Or your laptop, for that matter.  If you were thinking that you would just upload those web files from your comfy lounge chair at Starbucks, think again.  Granted, you won’t need a NASA supercomputer, but you will need adequate processing speed, RAM, and a generally immaculate system to prevent the website from crashing once it is live.  A website will require constant processing, so if your machine can’t support high memory demand, you’ll be left in the dust, and with no website to boot.

  … And don’t forget that…

Most of the readily available and common web server software of today is Linux based.  That’s not a dig on Linux, either—most people have never used Linux, much less programmed with it, and some people don’t even know what it is. (Those are the people who see the Linux mascot and think, “aww, a penguin.”)  Sure, you can learn Linux, but you can go ahead and postpone hosting that website of yours for another two or three years.

…Not to mention that…

It’s very, very unlikely your internet connection can support all the traffic a website gets.  And, no, just because you run DSL doesn’t mean you’ll be ok.  It might be enough to start with, but unless you’re planning an hosting an unpopular website, you’re going to need more than anything your cable provider can offer.  Most website are run on dedicated T1 lines.


Anybody surfing the web today knows the risks involved in that activity—hacking, phishing, viruses, and so on.  Now, imagine the risk factor present when you are just surfing the web, and multiply that by the number of users you hope to have on your home-hosted website, and that’s how dangerous it is.  By hosting your own website, you make your entire network vulnerable to the malware that floats on the internet, and to anyone with more knowledge than you and a bad attitude.  Probably not a risk you want to take.


None of the reasons given above should dissuade you from building a website, but should rather show you the virtue of hosting your company through a hosting site.  There are hundreds of hosting sites out there, and today you can host a site with a ton of space for so cheap your jaw will drop.  The bottom line?  There is just too much cost and not enough benefit to hosting your own website, unless you are already a tech wizard

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