Why Social Bookmarking is Important? [Social Media]

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Social bookmarking is a method wherein the internet users can organize, search, store and manage various bookmarks of the internet web pages. Social bookmarking is the practice wherein bookmarks can be saved to the public websites along with tagging them with keywords.  There are many people who put forth a question regarding the importance of social bookmarking. Given below is the answer to this question. There are some strategies that have been outlined for managing the increasing number of various social bookmark sites.  There has been a rapid growth of social bookmarking websites on the web. They submit and share the content in social bookmark sites so that great traffic can be driven. The quality of backlinks also improves surely. There are many people who do not get enough traffic to their websites even after they write quality articles. They must start working on these social bookmarking websites.

If one needs a better understanding about the working of social bookmarking, he must first understand its importance. There are many people who are very familiar with the concept of social bookmarking but are not aware of using it as a very powerful marketing strategy for driving some good traffic to the website.

Why is social bookmarking being used?

Given below are various key points about social bookmarking that one needs to know for sure:

  • It is a quest of every webmaster to drive more and more traffic to his website. Nowadays, social bookmarks are considered to be among the non-negligible sources of traffic.
  • Specific pages or entire sites can be bookmarked by the users across the globe. They can surely use their favorite social bookmarking sites.
  • Social bookmarking is considered to be a very powerful tool in the promotion of a website
  • Very less time is consumed by the social bookmarking sites
  • It helps a lot in getting backlinks
  • It also helps in increasing the traffic
  • People can usually view these bookmarks in a chronological order. These can be viewed by tags or categories or via the search engine
  • The competition and popularity has risen to a great extent and the services have a lot to offer more than just rating and sharing bookmarks.
  • People are able to export, import, comment, add notes, email links, reviews, feed subscription, automatic notification, and create social networks and groups.

Social bookmarking makes gives the site a very high popularity. There are many important advantages for the businesses. First of all a high traffic and many regular users are being attracted by the social bookmarking sites. It means that the information contained in them gets a better positioning on the websites.  Furthermore, there are links to their own blogs or websites if they are posted to various social bookmarking sites. They can surely create back links to their site. Inbound links are valued by the search engines. This is because it is an indication of the popularity of the site and the search engine positioning can also be increased.

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