When Should You Consider Selling Your Site?

There are many times that you feel that your site is a burden on you. The things which are more important than your blog(studies, family, etc.) takes more time than blogging and you just don’t know what to do. There is an option of selling your site every time you feel so. But you can’t really sell your site whenever you want. You need to be totally focused on this decision and should never take this decision lightly, especially when you have spent a lot on your site. There are a few times when you should consider selling your site. Read more and know about them.

1. Cannot Manage Your Site

If you can’t manage your site then there is no use of keeping it with yourself without updating it. If you have invested in your site, leaving it empty would make your money go waste. What would you want to do? Of course, sell your site(or if you are attached to it, you can tell your trusted friend to manage it for sometime). So, if you cannot manage your site and want to get back the money you invested, you definitely have to sell your site. With that goes the first point.

2. High Rankings

When your blog is touching huge heights and have Pagerank more than 3 with Alexa rank less than 70K, you will get a huge amount of money for your blog, definitely in thousands of dollars. And if your stats are going awesome too, you can sell your blog very easily and with some great offers. So, try to sell your blog(only if you have a though of leaving blogging) when it has high rankings, huge back links and getting good search engine traffic. Show the proofs to your client and you are most likely to get a lot of money for this.

3. Unavailability in Internet Connection

Well, there are many times your parents cut your internet connection for the sake of your studies or other important things. You are definitely warned or told before the cut actually occurs and your internet goes unavailable. At this time, when studies come in front and internet connection has been cut, you just can’t leave your site empty leaving your readers hungry for new content. What to do? Yeah, sell your site.

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