Using Twitter Lists – Guiding you to the Twitter World!

We can never deny the fact that aside from Facebook, the twitter world also catches many users and followers. It is a nice social networking site where they can share a snap of thought and communicate with their friends as well. To mange very well you list of friends, it’s a great idea to make your own group list. Twitter lists are simply lists of Twitter users grouped together by some common thread. For instance, you could have lists of people who tweet about gardening, lists based on people’s occupations or list of tweeters who all live in New York City. Through this twitter list, you can get a very quick snapshot of what tweeters on that list are tweeting, that’s why it is truly beneficial. You don’t have to memorize anymore the names of tweeters you want to check, you don’t even need to follow people on a list to see what they are tweeting. You will just simply open your list in Twitter and read what’s being tweeted. This idea is truly great, you’ll enjoy more tweeting.We will concentrate on using twitter lists.

Using Twitter Lists

Using twitter Lists is quite easy,you just first need to find the people you want to add to your list. If you already who they are, search for their twitter handle using the search field in Twitter. After you found them, go to their Twitter profile and click the icon immediately to the left of the gear icon. For example, for @janinacortez and create a new list and add them to it. You will see the button create list, just click it and you’ll see the “create a new list” pop up. Choose your desire list name, you can include description and decide whether your list will be public (viewable to everyone on Twitter) or Private (viewable only to you). The just-launched Twitter Lists feature is a new way to organize the people you’re following on Twitter, or find new people. In actuality, though, Twitter Lists are Twitter’s long awaited “groups” feature.

They offer a way for you to bunch together other users on Twitter into groups so that you can get an overview of what they’re up to. That’s because Lists aren’t just static listings of users, but rather curated Twitter streams of the latest tweets from a specified set of users. Always remember that if you chose to make your list public everyone will also see the name of your list and its description so it is advised to name your list professional as possible. Click the “Save list button” and the Twitter account you had on screen at the time will automatically be added to the list you just created. If you want to add up new list, just repeat the procedure. You can create up to twenty Twitter list so experiment and have fun. You can delete or maintain your list at any time. People should really have to amster twitter follower list usage in order to be more organize in your social media activity in twitter.

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