Top 5 Weather Widgets for your Android Tablets

Almost everyone now carries a smartphone or a tablet with them. Android devices are always cheaper than Apple thus a lot more popular than other Operating System. Many of us don’t explore the options on the tablets to its full capability. There are so many apps available on Google Play to help us in keeping update with day-to-day activities. We may use it for checking status and pictures on Facebook or updating photos on Instagram, but there are so many widgets available which if installed would surely convert our phones into smartphones.

One of such activities is keep a check on weather. There are so many apps available on Google app to keep updated information of current weather. They will also display forecast of next 2-3 days. This way you can actually plan your day according to suitable weather. IF you know in morning itself that it might rain then probably you will send raincoat with your kid when sending off to school. Let us discuss 5 such weather apps which are available free of cost on Google Play.

1. WeatherBug

This one claims to be most accurate in displaying the weather forecasts from around the world. It has a Spark Alert which will alert you about minute-by-minute lightning strike in real time. It also a good collection of photographs and background themes. It also has a live weather camera to display the actual picture of weather destination.  You can even share the weather updates with your friends with this widget.

2. The Weather Channel

It will display the exact timings of the weather forecast, like expect rains at 5 pm. It has access to local map thus can give details on past and future radar about any severity in weather like storm or hurricane. There is an hourly update of weather with 10 days forecast. The graphic user interface is very attractive and easy to use.

3. AccuWeather

This app is in collaboration with Google thus provides a easy interface. It has option of push notification in case of severe weather in USA. IT has a unique feature of displaying weather according to one’s health or medication. The categories are Respiratory Health, Fishing, Outdoor Games and Do-it-Yourself. Thus it is a short analysis for you to suggest an activity. It is available in English and 27 other languages. You can share your local weather condition on social networking sites. Sunshine and Sunset timings can also check through Accuweather.

4. RadarNow

It provides Radar images from National Weather Service Enhanced Radar “Base” sites located around USA. It is a free download to monitor local radar and receive NWS Alerts. You can upgrade your app to Premium after using the trial mode for 5 days. The charges are very less to about $2.99 for one year access and $4.99 for two year.

5. 1Weather

This app has a beautiful interface and easy to use. It provides 7 days weather forecast and precipitation info. It will keep updating the location if you are moving and accordingly show the weather forecast. For smartphones it will show animated sunrise and sunset timings.

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