Top 5 Video Cutter Applications for Cutting Videos into Small Clips


There is an increasing need for cutting videos in the present times. Many video sharing websites have burgeoned on the web. This has made sharing videos all the more convenient. The number of video cutting software applications has also grown proportionately. Though there are many applications that cut videos, not all of them work with equal efficiency. Here are five of the most productive video cutters that are currently available in the market.

1. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is one of the most popular and convenient video editors. It is free and comes as an added tool in case the operating system is Microsoft Windows. The interface of the software is really convenient to use and there are many video editing options apart from cutting. The users of the software can start work immediately by dragging the file into the editing box of the software. The application supports numerous video formats like ASF, MPEG, AVI and WMV. But the export of files is only possible in two formats- AVI and WMV. In case one is not satisfied with the existing features in the application, loads of added features can be easily downloaded from Microsoft. On the whole, the Windows Movie Maker makes video cutting a hassle free experience, especially for folks looking for simple video editing.

2. Aimersoft Video Editor

Aimersoft video editor is an editor that splits video files flawlessly and without any glitches. The application works wonderfully well with various formats including but not limited to ASF, MP4, FLV and ASF.

The interface of the Aimersoft Video Cutter is quite simple. The ease of use is such that even children can work perfectly with theĀ application. Like the Windows Movie Maker, even with this application the import of the video files can be done through the file browser as well as by simply dragging the file and dropping it into the editor. Apart from cutting videos, the editor also provides the options like cropping and rotating. Other settings like contrast and saturation can also be adjusted using this editor.

3. Free Video Cutter

The Free Video Cutter has been very popular among the video cutting software applications for quite some years now. While the application allows users to cut the video into as many clips as they like, it never compromises on the quality of the videos. Unlike many other video cutting applications, the Free Video Cutter supports formats like Xvid and DivX.

4. Media CopeĀ 

Though Media Cope is a relatively fast video cutter when compared to other video cutters, it is not highly recommended due to the poor quality of the resultant clips. The one advantage that it has over other cutters is that it can handle very many formats including 3gp, mp3, mp4, aac, mpg, dat, mkv, vob, etc. Given the fact that it comes free and supports these many formats, Media Cope has become very popular in the recent times.

5. Video Edit Master

Video Edit Master is also a free of cost video cutting application. It has a pretty simple interface that can be used to cut videos in a simple manner without compromising on the quality. However, the fact that it cannot handle video formats excluding MPEG, Xvid, DivX and AVI makes it a little less popular than others.

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