Top 5 Tips on Making Your Server Room More Eco Friendly

Server rooms can create a lot of environmental problems. Primarily, server rooms are used to hold a number of data cabinets and racks, and represent the main storage area for large businesses that cannot keep equipment in occupied offices. Given the large amount of heat generated by these servers, the rooms that house them can become very hot, and can also generate a lot of static electricity. As well as the energy drain caused by keeping server rooms running, risks also emerge in terms of flooding and humidity, as well as the danger of overheating and fires. Some of the best ways of making a server room more eco friendly consequently focus on reducing risk, and finding alternative ways to power and organise spaces.

1. Environmental Monitors

One of the most important ways in which you can make your server room more eco friendly is to install environmental monitors. These can be set up to monitor humidity levels, as well as electrical systems and the optimal temperature for a room. An optimal temperature is typically set between 10 and 28 degrees. Having these systems in place means that you can respond if there is a sudden change in air pressure or heat that might indicate a fault, and can ensure that you’re not using too much power, or suffering energy losses.

2. Cooling Systems

Having a range of cooling systems in place within a server room can help to reduce the amount of heat being passed out by servers. Most cooling systems and air conditioners for  server rooms are set up as closed control systems, or Precision Air Conditioning, which works through particulate filtration to prevent overheating. One of the main benefits of this system is that humidity and heat levels can be closely monitored, while cold air can be recycled to keep equipment running efficiently. Some modern products, however, come without the need for cooling systems such as a Netgear Switch.

server rooms environement friendly

3. Use Alternative Power

You can make your server room more energy efficient by switching to alternative power sources and appliances that are set up for low energy consumption. Energy starred servers are particularly recommended for their efficient energy levels, while the fitting of solar panels and grids for wind energy can mean that you don’t put as much strain on an electricity grid as other power sources. Having an alternative power system running also means that you can save surplus energy for backup use in the event of a power outage.

4. Increase Power Efficiency

Equipment and devices are available that can increase the efficiency of the power they use. In most cases, this means investing more in expensive equipment that may be 15 to 20 per cent more costly, but can provide cutting-edge internal cooling, and the best possible use of the energy being supplied. Doing so can result in long term power savings, and can mean that you don’t have to worry about replacing older equipment.

5. Green Centres

One of the best ways to save money in the long run, while ensuring that you are committed to energy savings, is to buy server space on an off site data centre. These are typically located in areas that restrict the potential for environmental damage, and are found in buildings that are specifically designed to use hybrid materials and natural cooling methods. Green data centres can store your company’s data through virtualised and cloud servers, and can mean that your data is secure, but less of a drain on your building’s power sources.

Author Bio: Liam Ohm is a regular technology blogger with an interest in making technology greener. He highly recommends getting hold of a Netgear Switch for a terrific low power consumption device.

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