Top 4 PDF Editing Softwares [List]

PDF documents are very familiar to many computer owners, as these documents are prolific within the online world. They are commonly used for instructional materialdiagrams and chartsbrochures and digital magazines, and even E-books. Generally, many users of PDF documents tend to only download them and view them, rather than create them or manipulate them. Since the file can be fairly secure from copying and pirating (especially with password protection in some cases) in PDF form, many writers will use this document format to distribute their work.

However, it is not uncommon to require the extraction of information from a PDF document or the conversion of the document into another file type. This is where the confusion begins. For these tasks, an efficient PDF editing software is going to be required. There are many different brands of software out there that can handle these tasks, from the simplest chore of conversion to full-fledged editing of the document.

Depending on your personal needs, any one of the software products listed below could come in handy for you. Your first task is to identify exactly what you want to do while editing the PDF document, and then acquire the proper software for that particular purpose. If you are going to be using the software for different tasks over time, you might decide to go with one of the all-in-one editing tools.

1. PDFMate

If you are looking for a simple conversion tool for PDF files, then PDFMate is probably the solution to your problem. This tool is solely responsible for conversion, and does not have all of the impressive features that more advanced PDF editing software does. This software is free, which many individuals will not argue with. Its main feature is that it can convert PDF files into five different formats:

  • PDF to Image
  • Transform the PDF into plain text
  • Render the PDF into HTML format
  • PDF to EPUB
  • And PDF to SWF

This highly versatile tool has many different features for editing documents, and has been a joyous addition to the software world. Many users of this software are very happy with it, and can accomplish a lot with its generous features.

With Infix, you can completely remodel the text of a PDF document. You have as much control over the text within the document as you would with a normal word processor; because it works just like one. Since graphics and tables (or charts, as well) are very common and important within PDF’s, this software is sure to incorporate the editing of them. You can add, remove, substitute, and alter images as you desire. This is a wonderful software for PDF editing, and even provides you with spell check in five languages. This makes Infix PDF Editor a little more versatile for users worldwide, rather than restricting its use to one language.


3. Wondershare PdF Editor

This PDF editor is noted for its simplicity. It is very easy to use for anyone who needs to alter a PDF document. The interface is easily comprehended, while also providing all options and tools within quick reach. Rather than having to hunt for them through different submenus, all options are right on the tool bar. This is a real time saver, especially when you are making many different changes within the document. This is a full editing platform for PDF files, allowing you to perform any task you need. It is a bit pricey however, so it may not be your top option as opposed to others in this list. If you do not need an advanced editing software, this one is probably not for you as well.


4. Kingsoft

The Kingsoft Office Suite is not exactly PDF editing software, but instead it is a full suite for the creation and editing of any business related or personal document; much like Microsoft Office. The reason it has been included here is that it can handle several different tasks for PDF documents. You can use this suite to create and export PDF documents quickly and easily, or convert them. There is a PDF creation software and converter built into this suite, making it a prime software collection to have on your computer. With the combination of basic document creation and a full range of PDF capabilities, the Kingsoft Office Suite is a real life saver for those who find that they are continuously creating, altering, distributing, or converting PDF files along with traditional documents.


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