Top 10 Things to Consider When Buying a Laptop in India: Smart Tips


Today, laptops, computers, digital cameras, tablets have become a very common gadgets for any average Indian. Almost everything is done using technology these days on the internet like paying bills, booking tickets for a movie, filing income tax returns, creating an office presentation or doing a school assignment, etc. All these require the use of a computer which has now been replaced almost completely by a laptop since it offers the same functions in a better looking and more portable package.

Laptops have different uses to different people. For an office-going person, a laptop may be used to prepare presentations or accounts. For a student it may be used for surfing the internet, using social networking sites and doing research work or school assignments. It is also widely used to play games and to browse the internet, watch movies and videos, and stay active in the social world. While Laptops and other high end fancy gadgets are becoming popular in general public, you can see the online retailers competing to improve their sales by offering multiple discounts. The competition between online shops to increase their sales is increasing rapidly, and the competition is growing you can spot a lot of coupon codes and money saving offers throughout the internet, if you cannot find one instantaneously, you can probably directly go to coupons portals like,, etc as they often deal with merchants like Naaptol, Tradus, Infibeam, Inkmart, Ebay, India Times and all other major retailers.

Depending on the way you want to use a Laptop, the following things must be kept in mind before buying one.


1. At the onset it is important to make a clear list of things you want to most frequently use your laptop for. Determine whether you want to use it mainly for official work related purposes, to prepare presentations, do research work; or do you want to use it to download and watch movies and other such multimedia uses. This will also determine how much you are willing to spend on your laptop. For a business use, a cheap laptop would suffice since it has all the basic functions and would run MS- Office, thus fulfilling your official needs.

2. Laptops substituted computers due to the fact that they were mobile. What is the use of having a laptop if you have to have it attached to the charger all the time? Therefore, one of the most crucial considerations while choosing a laptop should be the battery life of the laptop.

3. Next, you should choose the laptop whose size and weight is perfect for your usage and for you to carry wherever you have to take it. It isn’t always easy to carry a heavy bulky laptop in a cab or to walk to work with it.

4. You should also choose the size of the screen and its resolution carefully while selecting a laptop. If you want a laptop primarily for games and for watching videos, a bigger screen size and higher resolution screen is a must.

5. Processor of a laptop is perhaps its most important component. It will determine how fast your laptop will run and how well it can multi-task.

6. Storage capacity of a laptop is also a prerequisite. Most laptops now come with a built in Hard Disk Drive with varying capacities. You should choose one with the capacity that will be sufficient for storing all your important data and files in it and any additional things that you wish to keep in your laptop at all times.


7. Another important question to ask yourself before selecting a laptop is- do you need an optical disk drive? If you do no work frequently with disks, going for a laptop without a disk drive is a better option since it would cost less and would be a little slimmer than a corresponding laptop with a disk drive.

8. You should also check the number of external ports on the laptop and determine how many you need and how many you are willing to settle for. Also whether you want ports such as the HDMI port and the Ethernet port or can you do without them.

9. Since your laptop ultimately contains a huge pile of your personal information, data security of the laptop is a must. For higher privacy, choose a laptop with more security features.

10. Last but not the least; make sure you get a warranty that suits your handling style. If you are rough with the handling of your gadgets, get a longer warranty period on your laptop to ensure minimum expenses from your pocket.


Last but not least, save yourself a bargain and if you are not in urgency then wait for the holiday seasons as that are probably the best times when top brands release their new laptops and also the online retailers offer great discount deals on their older and newer products. If there is no special coupon available, you can probably group together with your friends and once you are 10 or more you can ask the retailers to issue you guys an exclusive coupon code or some special discount as you are bringing in a lot of customers.

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