Top 10 Must Have Apps For Your New iPhone [Updated]


While every iPhone is an app powerhouse on its own even without the need of installing new ones, the land of choices is still opened for you to search, discover and install.

The applications that are most used these days are Facebook, find my iphone, shazam, kindle and twitter app.

While these applications would be all that is necessary for a normal person, there are people that are searching for other kind of applications to take advantage of the wide horizon that an iPhone offers them.

We are talking about useful map applications, to do’s, weather apps, productivity, games, etc.

This top was created after searching and trying only A++ app store applications so you can get the best there is.

1) Flipboard


The first recommended application is a magazine one, named flipboard which can be setup to extract any kind of articles, videos or media that you want to follow, from facebook, magazines, websites, all of your favorite readings in one place.

2) Gmail


I don’t think there is a better way to send and receive email messages from your iPhone than the GMAIL application which is also known as the official google mail app.

The gmail app is as complete as you can get it including additional features like managing multiple accounts, muting, inserting labels and even live updates.

3) Google Maps


If you are not familiar with a particular zone from your town/country, google comes in handy with the best map application named “google maps”

The latest google map application runs on the latest iOS flawlessly and it also has a new design, being the favorite map application used for getting directions, restaurant places, coffee places, subway times, finding certain streets or getting to a certain location.

It is even better than the Apple integrated maps application and you can always follow the directions it gives you without a flaw.

4) Instapaper


One of the best if not the best application or saving the articles/news you don’t have time to read on the spot.

The sweet thing about this application is that it integrates nicely with the default browser apple iPhone comes with called Safari and you can send articles you want to read later fast into instapaper and they will be saved automatically. Simple as pressing a button.

There are plenty of text settings available to you as soon as you open Instapaper and I can say without a doubt that the reading experience is simply awesome.

As a side feature, Instapaper can be set to automatically send unread articles to your kindle for later.

5) Instagram


Everybody knows about Instagram because it’s one of the most widely used photo sharing network and with all due respect, its photo filters can make any photo go from the awesome level to amazing.

You also have the possibility to easily share the photos on all of the social networks you want to.

6) Simplenote

Ever wanted to capture something interesting that you stumbled upon and didn’t had an application or something that could be used to capture certain iPhone screen areas?

Ever since Simplenote hit the app market, Evernote which is another screen recording application went down when speaking of people using it.

When comparing Simplenote’s simplicity with Evernote’s sluggish design, storing screen and text notes has never been more easier.

Simplenote is “simply” the fastest solution to capturing anything from your iPhone screen and store it to the cloud for later reading or as a reminder of something.

7) Clear


Clear was the first application on iPhone that had no buttons when it launched. You couldn’t turn anything on/off or tab som buttons but it was so beautiful and perfectly realized as an application for to-do stuff.

After installing it, you just need to insert the to-do’s for the day and that’s all. It can also sync with your PC or Mac – another awesome feature

8) Today


Do you want to go somewhere outside your country and you want to be sure the weather will be nice?

There are plenty of weather applications in the app store but only one passed our review for the best weather applications and this is “Today”.

Today is the best weather application for iPhone and is successfully surpassing every other weather application because it offers you visual weather view, advanced features like: weather alerts, push notifications, radar and even a storm notifier.

All in one weather application.

9) Fantastical


Planning events is quite a chore if you chose to do it on paper. Ever since everyone got an iPhone, planning applications flooded the market and selecting the simplest one that can do its job fast and good was hard until now.

There isn’t any application like “fantastical” for iPhone and believe me when I say that this application is the fastest one when you want to create events.

Even with the help of Siri (the new iPhone speech application), when comparing these two, “Fantastical” simply wins at every feature.

It’s fast, reliable, secure, nice designed and you also get a DayTicker to see what is coming for you next.

You only need to type in the note title like “Restaurant with eve at 9PM”, tab the add button and done.

10) Ski Safari


In the quest of finding an interactive game for you all to relax into a break or when you just want to stop doing something boring and play a game on your iPhone, Ski Safari would be one of the top three choices for everyone.

If your remember games like Tiny Wings or Canabalt, Ski Safari has them all.

You have the ability to ride yetis, penguins, skimobiles, collect gold coins and also get your “game” upgraded by buying all sorts of awesome stuff from the shop.

This game will keep you playing for a good time because there are just so many things to discover that you can’t get bored easily when playing it.

Even after you thought that you saw everything that this game had to offer, it will still give you some hits and “wake you up” because there’s always something new to it.

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Sarrah is a gadget geek that likes to write about apple’s products and stay up to date with the latest trends. She had enough of being tied to just one network carrier and got her iphone unlocked so she could access other network carriers and the big sea of apps.

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