Tips on Integrating All the Calendars and Lists in your Life

Today’s rat race asks a lot of us simple human beings, and if we don’t stay on top of things from the beginning, they can quickly get out of control. If you find yourself trying to keep up with way too many lists – one on your phone, on your computer, on a desk calendar, in your planner, on a cutesy kitchen chalkboard, at work, at home, in the car – it may be time to pare down and merge. Don’t know how? Read on for 5 ways to get everything all in one place and start living an organized life.

1. Digitize Your Calendars

This may sound obvious, but the first and easiest thing you can do to combine all your lists, events, appointments and so on is to make sure you’ve gone completely digital. A lot of us still wander around with a phone and a paper planner, not to mention a laptop or tablet swinging from our shoulder. While it isn’t necessarily bad to keep an analogue calendar, if you don’t ensure that at some point everything ends up in one place, it can be confusing. Opt instead to merge your Outlook with your smart phone via Google Calendar Sync.

2. Sync Your Software

Once you’ve got your calendars all in one place – or at least all connected to each other – start working on everything else. Merging your emails, contact lists and notes is a great way to cut down on hassle and up reliability, since from now on you won’t have to worry you might be missing something that’s located elsewhere. Google Apps Sync (the parent of the Calendar Sync listed above) can help you combine Outlook and Google, useable on any device. Like where this is going? If you’re an Evernote user, you can now add that in via Meshin Calendar.

3. Combine Your Apps

If you’re a creative type or work in a tech-heavy field, you could really benefit from a way of combining all your apps seamlessly in one place. Hojoki is a handy app integration system that puts all the action in one place. If you want to see updates from all your apps in a single live feed, then this is the tool for you: now you can keep track of team members (or even family members, if you’re a parent, or students, if you’re a teacher) by viewing updates from Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote and more on one scrolling list.

4. Don’t Be Left Without Recovery Options

Unfortunately, you’re never truly safe from natural disasters like earthquakes, floods or kids carrying giant Slurpees. If something happens to your computer, make sure you can retrieve your precious Outlook files with minimal trouble and stress. Go straight for the big guns: With a solid 40 percent lead on the next best competitor, DataNumen’s rates for Outlook PST recovery are the best in the business, so why even look anywhere else?

5. Maximize Your Existing Calendars

Are your existing calendars working well for you? Do you have too many, or wish you could just see them all in one place? Luckily, Outlook’s calendar features are hard to beat, so if you’re finding that you have too much to keep track of, consider merging several calendars into one using their merge feature. If that’s too much, you can continue saving to different calendars but view them all in one place using the overlay feature. After all, the trick to taking your existing organizational system from terrifying to transcendent is nothing more than dedication combined with fabulous, up-to-date technology.

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