The Advances in Cloud Storage Services and How it has Allowed for a Mobile Business World


Cloud services are changing the way that the world looks at and uses the Internet. From full-featured cloud software suites to massive storage capacities in the cloud, these services have also created changes in the way that businesses operate, communicate and expand. One leading example of this is how advances in cloud storage have allowed for a mobile business world.

API’s and Integration Allow for Greater Flexibility

In its infancy, cloud storage was nothing more than a remote bank of storage devices. Capabilities were limited to storing and retrieving files over the Internet. Modern cloud storage is much more flexible and powerful. Through the use of APIs and software integration, it is possible to make cloud storage an integrated part of many operating systems and software suites. This makes the storage easier to use and allows for direct editing and manipulation of files from remote locations. From client contact information and transaction reports to big data, more businesses are hosting their data on cloud storage platforms for easy expansion, reduced costs and the ability to interact with their data from anywhere in the world.

Security in Cloud Storage Attracts Business Attention


One of the biggest challenges that cloud storage has faced with the business community has been data security and reliability. From full storage encryption to mobile multi-factor authentication, cloud storage now provides a wide array of ways to ensure that information is only accessible by authorized parties. Connection encryption has also made it possible to transmit critical or sensitive data in relative safety over mobile Internet connections as well. Combined with VPN services and other business infrastructure, this has effectively removed the need to be within an office to perform common business tasks.

Reducing the Need for Dedicated Technology Centers through Cloud Storage

For many larger businesses, IT budgets are a necessity. From managing the business intranet to keeping servers and databases optimized and running, these tasks were once limited to local facilities. With cloud storage, businesses can utilize IT services from the cloud storage providers. This reduces the need for a physical location and allows businesses to maintain a global presence without having a physical presence within each country. With a smart phone or tablet, employees and owners alike can access information in real-time and work from virtually anywhere. Should service errors occur, a simple phone call to the cloud storage provider will resolve most issues. With reduced staffing needs, the need for a physical location further diminishes. As services mature, increased telecommuting and other remote work is expected.

Massive Cloud Storage Capacities Shed a New Light on Business Data

Storage capacities for cloud storage services are expanding exponentially. Some larger corporations, such as Facebook, are collecting petabytes of data per day. When it becomes feasible to collect, organize, transmit and manipulate data from a nearly endless list of sources from nearly any location, the ability to create a functional business without a physical location is made easier. Entire businesses can operate from a simple mobile device yet influence global markets and provide products and services around the world.

By eliminating the need for physical location and technological infrastructure, cloud storage services are quickly changing the way that businesses are created and how established businesses operate. Through integration, improved security and virtually endless storage capacities, cloud storage services are enabling mobile business on a scale that was previously impossible. As these technologies continue to gain popularity and mature, mobile business will continue to increase and gain dominance in the global market.

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