Taking Care of Your New Smartphone

Taking Care of Your New Smartphone

Most of us have experienced that wonderful feeling of having a brand new Smartphone – you feel like it should have endless battery life, a perfectly shiny exterior and gigabytes of space for you to start filling up. No matter which model of Smartphone you’ve chosen, none of them are perfect, and there are still things that can go wrong if you don’t look after them properly. Here are some top tips for taking care of your new Smartphone.

Be careful how you charge it

There are conflicting views about how and when you should charge your Smartphone. Some people say that you should fully charge it and then let it run completely out of battery before charging it up again. Others say that you should never let a phone run out of battery totally since this will affect its overall performance. The best thing to do in this situation is to look up the particular Smartphone which you have and see what experts seem to be saying about the battery of that phone. However, this is definitely an issue which is good to address early on, otherwise you could end up with a phone battery which dies fairly quickly.

Don’t use your phone in extreme temperatures


If you’ve ever used a phone in the summer while you’re outdoors, you’ve probably noticed that it gets very hot very quickly. This is because it’s not good for a phone to be exposed to extreme temperatures. The same is true if the weather is cold, and many people have experienced their phones giving up and not working after being in the cold for several minutes. Although they will come back on again after a few minutes in a warmer temperature, it can cause damage to the phone long-term. Many Smartphone owners have had to pay for Samsung Galaxy repair Mississauga simply through using their phones in temperatures which are too hot or too cold.

Close unused apps


When you’re not using your apps, make sure you close them completely. This will prevent the battery from draining and will prolong the use of your phone. If you notice your new Smartphone slowing down a bit, it’s probably because you’ve opened too many apps. There are different ways to do this depending on which phone you have, so read the handbook or search on Google if you’re not sure how to do this. There will be many tutorials and how-to guides, including YouTube videos and instructive articles. If you remember to do this each time you’ve finished using your phone, it will retain the battery life and will prevent your phone from having decreased performance.

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