Smartphones and its Effect on the Changing Landscape in Society


If you look back to 10 years ago, you would remember Nokia being on top of the technology world when it comes to mobile phones. Nokia back then is what Apple is today. If you had a mobile phone and it wasn’t Nokia, then you were pretty much “not part of the loop”. Those days are long gone, as Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, and many others are on top of the market thanks primarily to the smartphones – something Nokia was never able to catch up on.

Smartphones are the new trend nowadays. They are more than just a mobile phone – they help us in our day to day lives. In fact, smartphones do impact the society. It alters how we live our normally live our lives. More so, it helps us positively in many fields such as the following:


It can’t be denied that smartphones are useful even in terms of education. Students are now leaning on the wide range of apps available in these smartphones to help them with their studies. Learning lessons can become more fun thanks to some educational apps.


You can use smartphones to monitor your daily workout. There are apps that allow you to keep track of the calories you’ve eaten or the calories you’ve burned, or how many miles you’ve ran. You can also use it to search for some new exercises, and many more.


All we had in the past were arcades, Game Boy, Dream Cast, Playstation etc. But now, aside from the PS3, XBOX 360 and other top flight consoles, the smartphone has started to become a major gaming tool. Whether its Ladbrokes Bingo or the famous Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies, Zombie Tsunami, Temple Run among others, the gaming landscape has surely changed thanks to smartphones.

The beauty of smartphones is that it is portable and can double as a gaming device whenever you feel bored. No need to bring a PSP or a Nintendo DS just to satisfy your gaming needs.

Social Networking

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… You don’t need to be in front of your laptop just to access these. Thanks to smart phones, all social networking sites are at the palm of your hands. You can connect anytime (with internet) and tweet about how your day is going or Instagram your new photos! Smartphones have made all of this possible.

Aside from these few points, smartphones have made an impact in other fields such as House Keeping, Business, and Entertainment. Without a doubt smart phones have indeed made a huge impact on the changing landscape in society.

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