Should you Buy Second Hand Smartphones?

If you don’t live under the rock, you might have seen that the technology companies are trying hard to integrate mind-blowing features into smartphones, increasing the competition by threefold. The smartphone fight is so immense that we have got to see some unique and amazing features like finger print sensor and soon to come eye sensor in Samsung phones.

Now, the thing is, these technologies, being new, costs a bomb to these smartphone manufacturers. And due to the same reason, costs of smartphones are reaching the sky. iPhone 5s, which comes with fingerprint sensor, is available at the price over $600 and it is rumored that Samsung Galaxy S5, which might consist of eye sensor, will cost more then $600.

Looking at the prices of this high-end smartphones, common man can only dream of having one of them. And we should not go for low quality phones, which are not just worth it to be honest. So what can we, as consumers possibly do? One thing, which people use, is a discount coupon.If you are an online shopper, you might have heard of discount coupons. Let me tell you a secret. Online shopping site like Yepme was found cheating their customer by providing discount coupon but charging for shipping. If you don’t add coupon code, it gives free delivery. So the logic is, you don’t really get any discount for the product. The cheapest way to buy smartphone believe it or not will be second hand purchasing.

It is always beneficial to get a second hand phone provided you check all the working status of phone and other necessary checks.  is one classified site where people sell their smartphones, which they don’t want to use and also give it an affordable price tag because they want to get rid of the phone. There are various other classifieds website to find second hand smartphones but OLX, being the most popular in India is most probably preferred to buy, as well as sell, at an affordable price.

One thing, which you should take care of, is, whenever you buy any second hand electronic device, which is not limited to smartphone alone, is you should check every detail of the phone like, if the smartphone has battery problem, the display is broken, the slots are broken, you should ask them to get it repaired, before buying. Minor working scratches are all good of course, when you buy a used product.

That being said, if you just want to keep low on your budget, with great value for money, classifieds sites can be a boon to find your desired smartphone at the cheapest price possible. While filtering through the devices in a classifieds sites, you should always read user reviews about the seller (if available) to avoid fraud and not-up to-the-mark products.

If you have purchased second hand smartphones from such classified sites, let us know your valuable experience in the comments below.

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