Satellite Internet to Connect Rural Areas with High-Speed Service


The internet is a tool that people all over the world can use to stay connected with loved ones, shop for a rare item or conduct business. Most areas are always connected but for those who live in rural America, getting connected can be harder than one may think. Rural internet customers have relied on dial up internet service but that is about to change. Satellite internet is the newest rave that will help get everybody, even those who live in the sticks, connected to high speed internet services. Here is the real skinny on this new and innovative rural service that is getting everybody connected.

What is Satellite Internet?

Satellite internet is high speed internet service that is available virtually anywhere; even in the woods. Satellite internet works similar to satellite television. A dish is installed on the side of any building that faces the southern sky; as long as there is an unobstructed view, the dish will be able to receive a signal. The signal is the important component that will create the internet connection inside the building. Once the satellite internet is installed, it can be used as a wired connection with a high speed modem or it can use a wireless router to create a wireless hotspot where people can connect any Wi-Fi-capable device.

Available Speed

You would be surprised at how fast satellite internet can be. While most DSL customers can expect a download speed of 5-10 mbps, the upload speed tends to remain less than 1. Cable internet is much faster with speeds of up to 15 or even 30 in some areas, but it is constantly unreliable in many markets. High speed satellite internet has a surprisingly fast download speed of up to 15 mbps, and the upload rate is over 2 in most packages. Simply put, you can download the average MP3 in 2-3 seconds as opposed to 9 minutes with dial-up. Once you get this service, you will wonder how you survived the technology era without high speed internet.

Cost of Satellite Internet

Another surprising part of satellite internet is the price. The United States government has put a grant together that helps to offset the cost of bringing high speed internet to customers who would not otherwise have the option. Through this grant, rural customers can now enjoy the same high speed internet as those who live in the city. Customers can now get satellite internet with little to no cost for installation and comparable monthly prices to that of DSL or cable internet providers.

In the past, if you wanted to enjoy the country life, you would have to give up the luxuries of living in the city. Luxuries like cable television, shopping, dining, entertainment and high speed internet. Today, rural communities are offering residents, businesses and visitors some of the same amenities, like high speed internet, as you would find in more suburban areas. Residents no longer need to compromise their enjoyment of a rural lifestyle for the sake of technology; now they can have it all.

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