Samsung Galaxy S3 Leaked Specs

The Samsung Nexus Prime has been delayed, but on the other hand the specs of the much-hyped Samsung Galaxy S3 has been leaked (or for sake of technology lets say has hit the internet). Phandroid has released a picture revealing the specs of the un-announced successor to the Galaxy S II – THE SAMSUNG GLALXY S III.

The images show that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be powered by a Exynos 4212 dual-core processor clocked at 1.8 Ghz and backed by a 2 GB RAM. For the display, a 4.6 – inch Super AMOLED Plus HD is in store. It will however not have the PenTile technology, available in the present Samsung displays. The camera will be powered by a 12 MP; W750 BSI CMOS Sensor. It is also rumored to have a thinner body than the SAMSUNG GALAXY S II and will be running latest Android Ice – Cream Sandwich. The information is however unconfirmed at this time.
But what many people fear is that this release will once-again start the battle for clock-speed and RAW power rather than the actual usability and other features on which only companies like apple concentrate!

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