Rise of Mobile and Tablet Gaming

According to a recent survey research that was conducted by NPD, a gaming research group, it revealed that mobile and tablet games are on the rise. The research showed that mobile and tablet owners are currently spending 53% of their time gaming on these devices as compared to 2011. The age group that is most affected is between 12 years to 17 years.

These findings are supported by the fact that nowadays, children are being introduced into the gaming world at an earlier age as compared to ten years ago. The survey also revealed that these children dedicate up to seven hours of game-time each week.

Since time in memorial, gaming consoles and PCs have remained the most favoured gadgets in as far as gaming is concerned. However, the recent findings may be a call for concern. The rate at which mobile and tablet gaming world is rising is astounding. If the trend continues, it’s only a matter of time before the traditional gaming consoles are overtaken by the new gaming trends.

In another similar finding done by AppLift and Newzoo, it highlighted the fact that by 2016, the gaming experience on tablets will be highest contributing about 10 billion dollars to the gaming industry. This represents about 47.6% of the entire mobile game revenue. It was revealed that about 368 million mobile gamers normally spend an average of about $2.78 monthly on mobile games. However, the figures are expected to increase up to $3.07 by 2016. By this time, mobile paying games will account for 50% of the entire gaming pool.


The Asian Pacific region remains the biggest mobile games market despite the fact that gamers spend less per game (approximately $2.86 per month) as compared to other regions. The region is estimated to have a mobile gaming population of about 412 million. No wonder gaming giants such as 888 Poker India have come with a dedicated app for iOS and Android. Thanks to these apps, one can play their favourite games even on the go.

Reasons why mobile/tablet gaming is on the rise

If you are wondering why there is a sudden shift towards this direction, this section will try to give you a few reasons as to why gaming on these devices is on the rise:

a) Two screens

The ability of these devices to display multi-screen images during a gaming experience has enhanced the gaming experience which in turn has fuelled growth in the gaming industry. From a consumer’s angle, they find this ability captivating. Game designers are also incorporating this feature into these kinds of games to make them appealing to consumers.

b) Accessibility

Since these gadgets are portable devices, they enhance the time spent on the games as a player can play at any time. The accessibility of this nature eventually results to a continued growth in the market as people get exposed to the games.

c) Global market

Tablets and smartphones have now reached the global arena meaning that if a game is unveiled, it reaches out to many players across the world and makes interaction much easier.

d) Hardware innovation

The competition in the smartphone and tablet industries is out of this world. Such competition brings with it great innovation which is appealing to designers as they’ll get an opportunity to develop new games.

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