Product Review – EMCO MSI Package Builder

Are you getting annoyed of physically visiting to every single PC within the organization to install/modify or update applications? The answer would be probably yes. Then don’t worry as we are discussing here a really useful tool that lets you remotely install/update or remove desired applications while sitting at remote location. That’s possible using EMCO MSI Package builder which makes MSI packages of standard installation setup files and perform remote installations on network PC by using standard user Group policy.

How it works?

Working of this tool is simple and easy to understand. Download and Install this tool (60 MB files) on your PC and follow on screen steps to build MSI packages within minutes. This Microsoft Installer files will make packages of executable setup files which can be easily deployed to even hundreds of PCs without altering the remote PC settings or asking for permissions.EMCO MSI Package Builder

This is completely safe and don’t need you to be a computer pros. However, for advanced installations like customizing MSI packages before getting them installed to remote PCs might require some little advanced skills. If you’re not tech savvy, consider asking for tech help from experts as any wrong operations or misconfiguring the MSI packages could make system inaccessible or damaged the registry structure of targeted PC.

EMCO MSI Package builder can easily convert EXE to MSI using automated screen wizard and lets you modify parameters if you want to customize MSI packages. Using standard wizard is simple, choose location of setup file of desired program you want to install and click on next to proceed. Few more on screen steps and you’ll be all set to go.

Features List

This tool has set of advanced features that is crucial for organizations running hundreds of PCs and requirement of installing applications is become a challenge. Getting yourself involved with the clear understanding of this tool will makes it easier for you to freely choose this application to fulfil all your organization needs. Let’s explore the critical feature of this tool that you might have been looking for:

Visual editor is helpful in automatic creation and deployment of MSI packages to remote PCs. You don’t need to enter or define any parameters besides adding location of targeted application setup file. This functionality will make use of ‘Live Monitoring’ technology that helps keep track of registry and file system changes that ensures healthy operation of targeted PC after installing the desired application.


Installation Wrapping lets you perform multiple application installations at one go. You can choose multiple programs to group into one single MSI package and let this tool install it on PCs for you.  Keep in mind that silent keys will be needed for every included installations to keep track of uses Group policy.

Decompiling MSI packages is enabled with MSI Package builder which lets you decompile created MSI package and redefine parameters to perform fresh installations.

This tool is majorly used to install, update or remote applications from remote PCs without asking for any permissions from end users.  As there might huge numbers of PCs in your organization, there should be enough challenge to perform all these tasks manually.

Available versions

EMCO MSI Package builder is available in two versions: Professional and Enterprise. Professional version offers visual editor and live monitoring to help you perform flawless operations. Enterprise edition comes with only single differences that it can wrap multiple programs into one MSI packages and perform multiple installations simultaneously.

Why to choose?

With increasing number of demands, it’s pretty enough to complete the end user needs of installation applications on their desired PC. With only using this tool, you can easily fulfil all their needs without visiting to remote PC locations. Additionally, you’ll get 30 days free trial to explore the capability of this tool and clearly understand its performance. Later, you’ll be charged a reasonable price to get the premium license copy.

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