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The internet and technology boom lately has led to a massive growth in social media. In today’s fast paced life, its not very surprising to know most people prefer using social networking sites such as Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn etc. Inspite of the various social networking options available these days, a large majority of people still use traditional email services such as GmailYahoo, Hotmailand AOL to keep in touch with friends, family members and other people for personal and business purposes.

Being a blogger and freelancer myself, I have to stay active socially, attend client’s emails and need to answer them timely. Indeed, managing 10 different social media accounts along with a dozen email accounts is quite a hassle and I am sure I am not the only one complaining about this. Chances are most of you probably feel the same.

Then last week, my friend told me about a new social networking site known as Initially, I was like WTH, just another social networking site.  But when he went into details about this site, I thought ok this might be worth checking out and indeed it was. So lets cut to the chase, what exactly is

MyLife integrates all your social media profiles as well as email accounts at one place. Yea you heard it right. You can access, operate as well as manage your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin , Gmail, Yahoo Accounts and a dozen more services conveniently from one central location. Isn’t it awesome? No more logging, entering in username and password for every other site now. MyLife is an answer to all such tedious woes. Founded in 2002, MyLife boasts of 700 million profiles. Yet another notable feature MyLife offers is the People Search Tool which allows you to search for connections. Los Angeles Business says MyLife is like Google when it comes to finding people. While Google excels at finding relevant information, MyLife excels at finding people, friends, classmates and family members across a wide spectrum of various social networking platforms.

mylife interface

MyLife also allows you to see who’s searching for you, which all people viewed your profile. Featured on various high profile websites such as Yahoo, Fox, CNET and BBC, currently, MyLife is one of the fastest growing social networking sites outnumbering LinkedIn and Twittter in user registrations.With over more than 2.5 million people getting on the MyLife bandwagon per month, Venture Beat rightly calls MyLife as the “biggest social you’ve never heard of”.

Registration at is absolutely free. You can even use your facebook profile to sign up. So what are you waiting for? Go aheadsign up, start connecting and make your life easy and your time more productive !

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