Marketing of your Product or Service Made Easier by Free Online Classified Ads


Advertising is the lifeline without which no business can sustain or prosper. It is the medium that brings the all important customers to the business. With the growing trend of online shopping, it is hardly a surprise that advertising has also adapted itself to this mode of communication. One of the most result-oriented methods of online advertising is posting free ads Delhi and Mumbai on online classified ad websites.

Online classifieds offer unlimited opportunities to businesses as well as shoppers. In fact, not only do individuals who are looking for avenues to sell-off their used goods make use of these ads, small businesses and service providers too benefit a lot by advertising their product or service through this extremely low-cost method. As for the shoppers, the online classifieds widen their choices as these ads are not bound by location or geographical restrictions. Easy shipping has made buying and selling across big distances not a big deal anymore. As things stand today, the number of people browsing the internet is far greater than those who read newspapers and other publications. This has increased the chances of an online classified ad reaching its target audience. Moreover, the facility of posting free ads makes online classified advertising even more lucrative.


The vast potential offered by online classified advertising has resulted in the proliferation of classified ad websites. To make sure that you derive the maximum benefit and best results from your ad, you need to place the ad on a well-established, reputable and popular classified ad website such as With a presence in 98 countries and availability in 40 languages, OLX is among the world’s largest free online classified ad websites. It was launched in 2006 and operates as a privately held company. The site is accessible through smartphones and tablets too.

The ads are posted on OLX under several clearly defined categories that include JobsFor SaleVehiclesMatrimonialClassesCommunityReal Estate and Services. Further sub-categories under each of these heads facilitate convenient and quick location of the ad by a prospective buyer. Posting your free ads on OLX is a very easy process. Fill up a simple form, starting with specifying the location, and the category and sub-category it belongs to. Give a title to the ad and write out a suitable description introducing your product or service. You are given the option of adding a photo of the product to enhance its appeal. And you can give your contact details to enable easy contact by the interested parties. Those interested in posting large number of ads can do so through data feeds.


The site has a very useful feature ‘My OLX’through which you can maintain an account on the site and use it to monitor and control your selling, buying and community activity.  OLX offers tools and widgets through which you can get an OLX ad(s) embedded on a website or blog, or get a flyer printed. You can also have your ad displayed on your social networking site profiles. If you are more interested in enhancing the visibility of your ads than on posting free ads, you can opt for the ‘Featured Ads’ facility. For a nominal weekly payment, you can have your ad’s exposure increased by up to 20 times by its placement in high visibility sections ‘Home Page’ or ‘Top of the Listings and Search Results’. ‘Sponsored Links’ is another useful feature that can be used to buy Google Adwords to target the OLX ads.

As the above-mentioned features indicate, free classified advertising at is the best option for you if you are looking for the most effective, effortless and economical tool for marketing your old or new product/service.

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