Is PlayStation 4 Facing Problems Before It Is Even Released?


The makers of the PlayStationhave set a new standard in the gaming industry. When the first version became available it sold like hotcakes and Sony are continuously tryingto reinvent and improve the features already available to and enjoyed by the public.

Now, not only is the gadget being improved for overall performance, there are several added benefits that also come with it,one of which is the High-Definition Video and Multimedia Interface (HDMI) and these HDMI accessories can help you get the most from your latest electronic devices. HDMI is used for achieving a high-definition visual output, perfect for home theatre systems and games consoles.

With the new innovations presented by the PlayStation 4, it is no wonder why HDMI cables are necessary. It does not only redefine gaming, it also improves the way the visuals are displayed. Most people spend time on a particular game, such as the FIFA series or Call of Duty, and they become aware of the plus and negative points, working out what could make them better and the high-quality graphics and superior sound quality have proven to transform games from ‘great’ to ‘outstanding’.

Problems Encountered By PlayStation 4

Before the rival console from Microsoft, the Xbox 360, was launched on the market there were already manifestations of hardware problems. It was not great news for Sony and the company needed to spend a hefty amount of money just to fix the problem. In fact, it was reported that Sony spent more than one billion dollars just to get the PlayStation 4 right.

The reported issues about the hardware stem from the HDMI ports as it caused the device to malfunction. One user complainedthat they were seeing a pulsing blue light once the console is turned on. The bad news is, there were five technicians ready to resolve the problem but none were actually able to do so, and twoeven refused to repair the damage. This particular complaint, along with the hundreds of others along the same lines, prompted Sony to fix the problem as soon as possible.

PlayStation 4 Emerged Successfully

PlayStation were eventually able to fix the hardware problem. Currently, the PlayStation 4 the best-selling game console, shifting more than a million in a day around the world with sales expected to pick-up as we approach Christmas. This new version has an excellent gaming performance and the DualShock 4 controller has also been improved for a better gaming experience all-round. One of the best things about this console is that it provides a bigger graphical leap, compared to the third version. The amazing features are made for the modern gamer and the modern era. The PlayStation 4 has just set a new benchmark in innovative gaming that the likes of Microsoft will have to pay particularly close attention to.

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