How to install wordpress on a computer with Instant WordPress

WordPress is no doubt the best Blogging Platform in the world. Installing WordPress on a computer is a child’s Play! It is as easy as installing any application in windows. The process is so simple that all it requires is a PC and some of your time. We will show how you can install WordPress in the way you would install any other software ( say Google Chrome). If you already have a wordpress blog installed on a webserver, you may want to know how to optimize it SEO !

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Why do i need to Install WordPress on my Computer?

There can be many reasons you want to install wordpress on your computer.

  • You want to edit the design but want to test it before putting it online
  • You want to see how wordpress looks with new widgets or themes or plugins.
  • You want to edit something in the “functions.php” but do not want to risk corruption of wordpress installation.
  • Somebody gave you a new script and you want to confirm it works without damaging your site.

There can be many more reasons you want to install wordpress on your computer. No matter what be the reason, the process is extremely simple and will take a few minutes.

How to Install WordPress on your computer

As i said many times, to install WordPress on a computer is a breeze! And the fastest, easiest and fail-proof method to install WordPress is to use Instant WordPress. So to begin with,

Download Instant WordPress

 Install Instant WordPress

Next up is to install the Instant WordPress You Just Downloaded. To do this, You need to open the downloaded file and browse and select desktop as in the picture shown below :Install wordpress - first stepThen carry on with the install process as usual.

Open Instant WordPress

After installation, visit your desktop ( or where-ever you have installed it) and open the folder InstantWP. Then from the folder select and open the file named InstantWP and then wait until the application initializes. Thats it! Bravo!
You have successfully installed wordpress on your computer! Whenever you need to access this wordpress installation just start the software.

When you open the application you will see something like this:

Instant WordPress application


Using Instant WordPress

After that, on the application interface, click on the button saying WordPress Frontpage which will take you to your wordpress blog homepage and if you and to open it on your favourite browser, just click the button saying “copy wordpress url to clipboard” or manually copy the the address and then paste it in the address field of your browser. Use MySQL  Admin button for accessing PHPmyAdmin and control the database. Then use the wordpress installation as you would use any other wordpress blog.

Accessing WordPress Admin

Just as usual visit the wordpress admin page by adding /wp-admin to the WordPress Blog , or click the “WordPress Admin” on the interface and the login with username “admin” and password “password“. All other things function as usual.

To access the plugins or theme folder, again, click on the respective buttons on the interface.


So, though the process to install wordpress on a computer may become a bit lengthy but is actually quite easy to understand and do. If you liked the Post please do consider commenting below or sharing this post :

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