Install AKOP Jelly Bean ROM on Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 model P5113 (Tutorial)

Samsung introduced its range of tablet computers, known as Samsung Galaxy Tabs, towards the end of 2010. Galaxy Tabs are based on Android operating systems, a product of Google. A few months later, around the start of 2011, it introduced the second generation of this series. With this introduction, the developing market has also become active. New software and products are being introduced into the market with the release of new and modified versions of Galaxy Tabs.

The Android devices being designed now are made sure to have ROM’s built as per the customer’s need and demand. Thus, it is the sole reason why Android devices are used and preferred by most people. The developers are giving maximum attention towards this area of tablet computers. As a link to this a fast and swift operating system (OS) has been presented by Android. The Android 4.1, aka Jelly Bean is the most fast and effortless OS till date.

This year. a new model of second generation Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Wi-Fi GT-P5113, entered the market. It did not contain an official Jelly Bean software update from Samsung. But the update expected to be released this month has not been announced so far.  People in procession of this tablet computer are becoming uneasy and worried. Therefore to satisfy the customers temporarily, an alternative OS has been made. This OS is known as the AKOP (Android Open Kang Project) Jelly Bean ROM has surfaced into the market.

The AKOP is the latest custom ROM and has high performance and reliability along with speed. AKOP Jelly Bean ROM possesses the qualities of ROM and OS both like smooth-as-butter interface, innovative customization opportunities and enhanced voice recognition option in Google Now. Till the official Jelly Bean update is released by the company AKOP ROM can be used as a replacement.

Install AKOP Jelly Bean ROM on Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

Required features:

The features necessary to be present in the tablet before updating the AKOP ROM are:

  1. ClockworkMod Recovery to be present in Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 GT- P5113..

  2. Original USB Cable of the tablet compatible with it.

  3. AOKP Jelly Bean ROM package


         G Apps Package (

  1. Charge your Galaxy Tab to avoid any kind of disruption in the installation process. Make sure that the battery is no less than 75%.

  2. Your data may be erased during the process. So make sure that you have all the required data like contacts, MMS, SMS internet settings, Wi- Fi passwords and other similar data of the tablet backed up.

Tablet is ready for the update now.

Installation Guide:

A few instructions are been given below which will help you in installing the AKOP Jelly Bean ROM to your Galaxy Tab.

  1. The first step to be done is the backing up of the data. To do so turn off your tablet, then press the Power and Volume Down button and hold them as such till the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 symbol appears on your screen. Now release only the Power button. In a few more seconds the ClockworkMod Recovery process will start. This will enable you to prepare backup of all your data. During the recovery process use the Volume keys to move around and the Power button to select options when needed.

  2. Now to create the backup go to Backup and Restore and choose the Backup option. Make the NANDroid backup of your currently present data in the tablet. After the backup process is complete move back to the main recovery menu.

  3. Save the AKOP Jelly Bean ROM package and GApps package (both are available as ZIP files) onto the SD type memory card of the tablet. Install the files onto the tablet. Choose the AKOP Jelly Bean ROM file from the memory card. Open it and give command on the opening of a dialogue box to initiate the installation process. Once this has been installed, install the GApps package in the same manner.

  4. both the packages have been installed on the tablet, move back to the main menu. From there select the Reboot System option. Your tablet will restart your tablet with the AKOP Jelly Bean ROM features and specifications.


Before you start the installation process bear the following things in mind.

  • These guidelines are limited to installation on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Wi- Fi GT- P 5113 only. Attempt of installation on other devices or versions may lead to unwanted results. The device may become non-functional.

  • These guidelines are only for instruction, information and educational purpose.

  • These may not work as required under particular circumstances.

  • The user is solely responsible in case the update does not work according to the above instructions leading to any sort of problem.

  • Read the instructions carefully and properly before moving ahead with the installation process.

The AKOP Jelly Bean ROM has now been installed on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Wi- Fi GT- P5113 and is is as good as the original Jelly bean ROM. This ROM will keep you pre-occupied till the official Jelly Bean ROM is ready to be released.

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