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How to search old tweets on twitter? A simple search box is available on home page to search for tweets. Is it working well? I say no. Why? Twitter is showing tweet results of trending and most recent ones only, but it failed to show too old tweets. Twitter can’t show search results of tweets from over a week ago. Do you think those tweets has deleted? NO.  Don’t get confused! Your tweets was not deleted, the problem is with twitter search engine, it’s not working well. We can hope twitter developers will develop the search box in future, ok now coming back to the topic

How can we find old tweets on twitter? One thing is clear that twitter search box is failed to done this task. What next? Definitely we should depend on a free third party tools.

Here are some useful and working third party twitter tools to search old tweets, You can use these tools for free.

1. Snap Bird (Free tweets search tool) is one of the famous third party tool for twitter users to search for old tweets, to use this tool first you have to authenticate your twitter account with this tool. Once you authenticated your twitter account successfully, then you can start searching for old tweets. It helps you to search tweets very quickly and easy.

Let’s talk about another specialty on this tool, you are able to search through DM’s (Both sent and received) and any one’s favorites also.

Link to this tool:

2. Searchtastic (Second rated tool for tweet search)

This is very popular and most trusted tool by tons of users, I’m using this tool since I know this tool. Main use of this tool is that, it is very smart and fast on search; You can search any user’s timeline for any term as you want.

Second specialty of this tool is, you can export your tweet search results to a spreadsheet if you want.

Link to this tool:

Now it’s your turn, let us know your experience of tweets search in below comment section, which is going to be your favorite tool and why? You can suggest us any other best third party search tools if you know.

We hope this article helped you to find the best tool, a facebook share or your comment can give us boost to write such more articles like this. Thanks for reading, Have a nice day. 

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