How to keep your Android device Safe from Threats and Malwares?

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With the world becoming increasingly dependent on smartphones, there has come a need to educate he users as to how to improve their security in the cyber world. The smartphones that we use today are capable of a host of functions and can either make your life easier or a sad one if a few precautions are not heeded.

Online protection

The need of antivirus software is essential in a smartphone. You may have to make various transactions on your smartphone, for which you need a secure transaction passage. This may be provided by the concerned financial institution and the rest is handled by the antivirus program. Believe me when I tell you, investing in an antivirus software for you smartphone is exactly like buying one for your desktop or your laptop. You’ll never regret it!

Security Certificates

Next would be to install security certificates. Various financial institutions and websites issue security certificates for mobile phones. These are essentially small files which include an added layer of the latest security system of the world. Outdated security certificates are like an open invitation card for malwares and other viruses.

Take some time, and explore the security measures present in your phone. Sometimes, the manufacturer installs a few security features on their respective models. Check and activate them for a safermobile environment. Moreover, there may be an option to edit permissions on your android smartphone. This is a very essential part of the security feature on an android operating system. This feature helps you in customizing and using an app according to your usage patterns. You may or may not give the app express permissions to use all of the system’s resources. You control the app behavior by using this option. Edit permissions for most of the apps and you will have a secure life.

Precautions against unknown sources

Downloading apps from sources other than the android market may cause irrevocable harm to your smartphone. Avoid installing apps from unknown sources. If you are an adventurous person then you may do so at your own risk of bricking your smartphone. Keep in mind the consequences before performing any action. There is a reason why such things are not recommended by the android system maker. Never stray into unknown waters.


Use the cloud service and back up your data. The most important part of your smartphone is your data which obviously you would never want to lose.

Recently, there has been news of malwares being present in the apps on the android market. No matter how much efforts Google is putting into removing such apps is immaterial if you do not exercise a little precaution while downloading apps. Download apps from famed publishers. If that’s not the case, check the comments and reviews of the concerned app. Goo through most of the reviews, and see what the users have said about the app. Surely if there is anything, it’ll be reflected in the reviews. Accordingly, make your decision. Moreover, update the apps on your smartphone for a better experience. Updating the apps would make the software more stable and secure. Take a little precaution and you’ll never complain.

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