How to get twitter follows in exchange for resources


While Twitter is commonly used by individuals to stay in close contact with friends and family members, it is more and more often being used by companies and organizations as a way to market products and services.  Companies like Dell and Jet Blue use Twitter to market their services and even Barac Obama and John Edwards used Twitter as a marketing means while on the campaign trail.

Twitter followers are people who sign up to get all of your messages as you send them.   So the trick is to simply draw people to you and get them to sign up for your updates.  There are a variety of ways to get individuals interested in what you have to say.  Your main goal will be to find people who are willing to link to your profile and from there they will sign up to follow you.   Let’s take a look at some different tips that you can use to get people to link to your profile and follow you on Twitter.

New bloggers usually look and beg for follows , thinking that it will improve their post’s exposure.But actually those follows mean nothing to their posts popularity.The followers which actually count are those which actually value your content and then follow you.

But it may be that people like and use your resources but do not care to follow you , and I have and perfect tip to cure such lazy people.This trick will force people to follow you in exchange for your resource.

Copy the code and Add a button

If you want to give a text link to the download file then copy the first code and if you want a button,copy the second code.Paste it in your blog/website etc. but make sure you add it as an html code (specially if you are using any platform like wordpress ).

And there you are .If you find this useful , don’t be mean and please follow me and share this post.For any queries ,comment below!

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