How to add a custom welcome page to your facebook fanpage


In these days, as you may know every business, cause, event, group etc. have their own Facebook Fan-Page. It is important that your fan-page is interactive and you are active on it. Many fan-pages have a custom landing page which shows an image or anything of such. Some pages even show a separate landing page for people who do not “like” that page asking them to Like it with a image or just customized text. In another post, we told you the importace of having a facebook fan-page.In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make a custom landing page for your own fan-page hence making it more  interactive.

Visit Welcome Applet and add it to the Fan-Page

To add the welcome page, first of all create apage, and get some fans! Then visit the GOSO application here. Scroll down and then click install applet on page as shown in the picture below:

Add welcome applet to your page

Then add the applet to your page. If you have more than one page, a drop-box with a list of your pages will appear.

Design the Contents

You will be taken to such a page.Then just select graphic, html or basic mode to customize it. In graphic, upload a custom image and in html, you can add any template that uses html code. In basic mode, you will have to type whatever you want to appear.

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