How Technology Has Changed Online Marketing

Although marketing used communicate ideas about a product through the use of traditional print and television media, the rapid rise of new technologies has meant that new methods have had to be formulated.

With the prevalence of devices such as mobiles and tablets now giving rise to instant and personalised methods of communication, there is an increased need for digital marketers to deliver content that fulfils the following criteria.


As there are now more mobile phones in the world than people, there is a much broader scope for a strong message to reach a massive global audience.

With smartphones and tablets allowing consumers to view content from a range of sources, it’s important for marketers to stay informed about the endlessly diverging options available. These can include the vast array of social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as YouTube and specialist news sites.

All of these media outlets frequently require multimedia content to be delivered. And whereas simple newspaper advertising was once common, now there is a greater need for professional photographs, articulate videos, as well as concise and entertaining text.



One of the greatest changes in the way in which online marketing campaigns are carried out is the speed in which the message can be proliferated.

Now it’s incredibly easy for real-time marketing to be delivered so that rather than building a promotional campaign over many months, a company can now respond to a situation in a way that helps the brand’s image to resonate with a particular situation. A good example of this was the Warburtons bread advert that was tied in to the announcement of a royal baby, and was conducted in a way that promoted the brand image in a simple, yet effective way.

And similarly, if the company is involved in an area that has a constantly changing range of products, the flexibility offered by online marketing can be a great help. For example, the Chipzup website that offers reviews of casino sites is able to easily adapt to the shifting environment through the use of constantly-changing content in a way that helps the consumer stay informed about the products being offered. And even price-comparison websites such as Money Supermarket are able to maintain their reputation for the latest pricing information thanks to the use of dynamic marketing methods.


The rise of digital marketing methods has also enabled products to be tailored towards specific audiences.

So whether it be using English gangsters in adverts for online casino sites in a way that adds a touch of excitement to the gaming options, or even Virgin Atlantic using specially curated Instagram photographs of specific locations, it’s all a helpful way in which messages can be carefully targeted towards specific groups who are interested in certain content.

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