How Stuff Works? Recycle Your Old Mobile Phone

No one will deny the fact that cell phones these days have emerged as one of the most sought after gadgets with definitive capabilities to compete with the desktops and laptops. However, along with the increasing user base it also posses’ one dubious distinctive problem of growing e-waste. The electronics circuits in these gadgets are well known to have all kind of toxins that has enough potential to pollute air, water and soil. On an average 24%, people tend to change their mobile phones after about a year making their old mobiles worthwhile. These mobile phones contain all the hazardous stuff like mercury, cadmium, arsenic and flame-retardants that are highly brominated. So what is the solution to this problem and what ere the ways you can adopt to prevent environmental pollution. As of now, the only feasible solution is to recycle your old mobile phone.

Options to Recycle Your Old Mobile Phone

There are many options available; to recycle your old mobile phone as soon as you opt for new phone the only thing is you have to chose according to your convenience.

Nonprofit organizations: There are many nonprofit organizations venturing in the electronic recycling projects. Many of them have even online presence to help you direct to the nearest drop box where you just have to drop your old mobile phone. In addition in many mobile stores, convenience stores and electronic depots has undertaken efforts to motivate people for recycling their old mobile phones by placing drop boxes of such nonprofit organization. Usually these collected mobile phones are distributed amongst low-income society or to the senior citizens.

Recycling Companies: A simple search on internet will provide you with many companies that are ready to pay you fraction of money for your old mobile. The best part is they are willing to pay you for damaged or working old mobiles also. Usually these companies dispose them in environmentally safe ways or if they can be reused then they are repaired and sold in other countries.

Charitable Institutes: In most of the countries, many charitable institutes are willing to accept your old mobile phones as donations and arrange such collection days on several occasions at several sites. Either they recycle these phones or they distribute usable phones to people below poverty lines. After all rather than feeling greedy for a dime of cash it is always better to save your environment and forward some donations when you have old mobile phones in your homes.


It is interesting to note that there are almost 90 million unused mobile phones present in UK at the time. However, with such great options it is always better solution to recycle your old mobile either as donation or for the exchange of some money. Please be advised that all the collected mobile phones are safely disposed in ethical ways without harming the environment in any ways. It does not matter whether you chose nonprofit organizations or the old mobile buying companies to recycle your old mobile phones what matters is you are actually recycling your mobile phone, which for sure is positive contribution in protecting your environment.

This is a Guest Post by Bill Nixon who is a tech and gadgets enthusiast. He works for  musicmagpie, visit the website for mobile phone recycling related information.

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