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Whether you’re looking to monitor a home computer, an office network or a cell phone, monitoring software developers have it covered. As technology has improved over the past 20 years, so has the need for more advanced monitoring applications. Today it is possible to get a complete look at what’s happening over your entire network of devices. Whether you want to monitor an entire office from your desk, or your kids cell phones to see where they are, you’ll be able to find a solution.

Home computer monitoring software is the most popular of the bunch, and is used to keep tabs on the activity of the home/family computer. You may want to make sure your kids are doing homework, or that your spouse is behaving, or you may want to have it installed for security reasons. Either way, home monitoring software can be downloaded and installed in a few minutes, and once installed will monitor all websites visited, applications used, keystrokes entered, documents printed and any file activity. This includes moving, deleting, editing or the saving of any file or document. Handy! All of this will be logged with the time and date of the activity.

Home monitoring software runs in complete stealth, so you don’t have to worry about being found out. You can either use a secret key combination to open the user interface and read through the logs, or you can have them emailed to you at a remote location (say at work) to read through them in privacy.

home monitoring software

Home monitoring software is also handy if you run an office and want to monitor a single computer (if a single employee is spending way too much time of Facebook for example). But what if you want to monitor the entire office. Office monitoring software is similar to home monitoring, but with a whole lot more power. With office monitoring you’ll be able to see the screens of each computer in the office in real time, from the comfort of your own desk! You’ll be able to see productivity reports, and even control an employees computer in the event they need help with something. Employee monitoring software can be very powerful but you’ll be paying extra compared with home monitoring.

Of course in this modern age we all have mini computers in our pockets. Cell phones can do almost anything a desktop can, and more. But don’t worry, that can be monitored too! Maybe you have younger kids who need to be checked up on, or employees that work out of the office. Phone monitoring software is the solution.


Phone monitoring software will (you guessed it) monitor everything that happens on that phone and send it back to you to be reviewed. You’ll be able to see text messages sent, phone calls made (even recordings of the phone calls), websites visited and excitingly, GPS location data, so that you can see exactly where that person has been and at what time.+

As you can see, together these applications can help you with any monitoring needs you may have. If you’d like to read some reviews of popular home, work and cell monitoring software head to this computer monitoring software reviews site at http://www.keyloggerdownloads.com

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