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Your college or high school student has been begging for an iPad or Apple brand laptop for several months. You may have even had your eye on one of this popular brand’s sleek and stylish portable computers. Either way, purchasing an Apple product is just as much about the fashionable, utilitarian and must-have accessories as it is about owning this technologically advanced piece of machinery. If you’re an Apple enthusiast, or looking for the perfect gift for your favorite MacBook Proor iPad fanatic, here are the Top Seven Can’t-Live-Without-Them iPad and MacBook accessories, take note.

A Quality Pair of Headphones

One of the main motivations behind purchasing your iPad was probably its portability and your ability to catch up on your favorite television shows and films while on-the-go. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to watch a Civil War drama while you’re amidst a claustrophobic airplane filled with screeching toddlers. This is where a quality pair of headphones will come in handy and you don’t want to skimp on this critical accessory. If possible, grab a pair of noise-canceling headphones, which allow you to completely immerse yourself in a film or song while drowning out the world. If you’re strapped for cash, a solid pair of ear buds is your best second option.

ipad headphones

iPad Stand and Cover

iPads are once again extremely convenient, but try typing up an essay or email while the tablet wobbles in your lap. This issue is easily remedied by purchasing an iPad stand, which is also a handy way to store the device. When you’re out and about, the best way to protect your investment, and highlight your personal style, is with a cover. When choosing a model, consider its durability and impact resistance first; reserve your aesthetic preference as an afterthought.

iPad stand

iPad Stylus

Anyone with a touchscreen device is keenly aware of an issue that can arise with a program or app won’t read the pressure from your finger, no matter how hard you press down on the screen. Your fingers also leave behind unattractive marks, which are infuriatingly annoying to scrub off after every game of Angry Birds. A stylus, or plastic pointing device, allows you to utilize the iPad touchscreen without causing any damage, or the threat of your five-year-old leaving behind sticky, peanut butter and jelly fingerprints.

ipad stylus

Messenger Bag

You’ve made it a common practice to tow your laptop or iPad everywhere you go, which aside from putting your expensive gadget in peril, can also become extremely cumbersome and irritating. Instead of investing in an expensive, specialized carrying case, grab a messenger bag and go about your day. The messenger bag’s multitude of pockets and little hiding holes also allow you to bring along all of your iPad and MacBook Pro’s accessories, including those noise-canceling headphones you invested in.

macboook messenger bag

Portable Speakers

There are several mundane, daily activities – from washing the dishes and sweeping the floors to emptying the gutters – that become infinitely more bearable with the addition of music. Unfortunately, your iPad and notebook aren’t equipped with stereo-quality speakers. Enjoy the music stored on your laptop or pad by plugging in a nifty pair of portable speakers. The speakers are available at a variety of price points and many models are no larger than a clove of garlic, but provide you with amazing sound quality. Go ahead and blast that Enya while you do laundry.

portable speakers for ipad

Thunderbolt Drive

Your iPad or MacBook Pro are convenient spaces to store music, movie, pictures and home videos; but their memory is finite and not overly impressive. Clear the space on your mobile devices and store them conveniently on a Thunderbolt drive. These portable memory devices allow you to store an astounding amount of information’ many cost far less than you might think. The devices also allow you to securely store your privileged information, including tax returns or scanned pay stubs, which are often lost when a laptop or tablet is stolen.

thunderbolt drive

Many of the aforementioned iPad and MacBook Pro accessories are expensive, but there are a few ways to save the most money possible. One is by shopping online through discount or wholesale retailers. You can also check online auction houses or even look through the clearance aisles at your local department stores. Keep shopping and never purchase anything for full price, to ensure you have all the hottest accessories for less.

About the Author:  Lisa Bolton is a diehard Apple enthusiast and a technology blogger. She is currently writing an e-book about gadgets to expect in 2013.

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