Guest Post – Top Reasons For Using Android Phones For Business Reasons

Android is becoming more and more popular for business reasons because of the variety of features that are associated with this phone. In today’s world, business owners depend on the applications of technology for obtaining more information and staying updated about the industry. After all, there is no other thing that provides more excitement than achieving success in business. In fact, Android applications have not only helped people in personal issues, but also regarding business usage.

In this article we will consider some tips while using Android for business purposes:

Quick tips while using Android for business reasons

  • While using Android, it is necessary to install anti malware app as the percentage of malware is quite high for Android phones. Although Google has not yet issued an alarm regarding this issue, it acts faster than a storm for repairing issues that are creating disruptions in the operating system. However, there is no harm if you are able to take preventive actions by installing anti malware app such as Droid security and Lookout Mobile
  • If you attend conferences and meetings regularly, you must use lock screen method in order to maintain the safety of your information that is lying in the phone. With the help of this app, your phone will automatically go into the unlock mode while you are in a meeting and return to the normal mode when you are out of it.
  • The Device Policy app will help a company to ensure that the confidential data is protected by using passwords, pinging for lost phones and remote device wiping for desired results. However, Google Apps premier edition will be required for this app.
  • Security is one of the most important issues when it comes to Android phones as they are generally loaded with important data. With the help of Phone factor and SecureAuth, you will be able to keep the enterprise apps safe from hackers.
  • If you are not comfortable while using security features or apps, you are always free to use other facilities such as Afaraia and Zenprise that are considered third party solutions.
  • Due to constant up gradations in Android or the Google OS, it is better using solutions such as Froyo and Gingerbread.
  • You should try to load your Android with all the features and latest business applications that will help you to achieve the best results.
  • It is better always to use a secure email system with the help of TouchDown , which is capable of handling emails that comes through exchange servers.
  • The internet facility of Android can be used for sharing the, minutes of internet with the laptop.

reasons for using android for business

Some of the business apps that can be used in Android

Weather Channel: This app will help business men to asses the weather of any location before traveling for business reasons.

Trip It: This is one of the most favorite app for business world particularly the travelers for organizing their hotels and flights.

Currency :will help forex traders and businessmen to get the recent exchange rates and help to convert 160 currencies.

Google Maps navigation: This is a useful app for obtaining information about locations, streets and different places.

Mighty Meeting: This is an app that allows business users to have control over their Power Point Presentations.

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