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With Facebook privacy concerns increasing day by day, many companies are trying to help users by giving them an advantage over the Facebook privacy settings. Recently Intel and McAfee joined hands to bring together a new browser plug-in for the famous Facebook, the social networking website that has taken the world by storm. The application known as the Facebook Social App is something that will guard your pictures and protect your privacy by drawing a thick wall around your photos and you would still be able to share them with your friends, according to your personal choice.

According to the senior vice president of McAfee, Mr. Brian Foster said that this combination will be intended towards giving users more protection over their digital content and also allowing them to choose their variable audience. If you don’t want people to share your pictures then you don’t have to sit confused or worried or even delete the pictures anymore, with this plug-in you’ll be able to control who views your pictures and who doesn’t.

Apart from this Mr. Foster said that the application is basically aimed to focus on everyday use considering sometimes persons personal content on the internet and especially Facebook is sometimes misused by those who aren’t ethical internet users. Every year Facebook encounters thousands of complaints regarding the misuse of pictures and even fake profiles. The inability to control pictures and who views them has caused innumerable Facebook users to express concern considering their wall photos and personal pictures have been shared and re-shared and then later copied into someone else’s profile. This has also caused problems when it comes to Facebook hacking, considering fake profiles don the pictures of real people and have albums and profile pictures stocked with them many take them as real users but don’t know that these innocent pretentious pictures are a lie, it’s someone else’s identity and someone else’s privacy.

mcafee social protection app for facebook

The McAfee department said that this plug-in would be soon available to all users on the internet, most probably by the end of this August. The application plug-in will easily work on the Internet Explorer 8 and above and also the Firefox 8 version and above.

Mr. Foster stated that this application will act like a guard and lock against all Facebook pictures that have been uploaded by you. Once the plug-in is download all you need to do is restart the browser to access the plug-in and it then pixelates your photos posted on Facebook. In case you want the application to work faster you should also ask your friends to download the plug-in and give all your group complete safety and security. According to Mr. Foster, McAfee hasn’t currently decided on the price issue of the plug-in. The initial idea would be that the application be given to users free of cost but later it might add some exceeding features which would protect users on Facebook and the internet.

facebook social protection app

Once the product is launched it will be a free beta plug-in as the company wants to gain consumer feedback and their notions about the product and service. The product has another very interesting feature. It does a facial recognition and later identifies untagged pictures of you on Facebook. Once you find the picture you can tag it and control who views it, so incase any of your friends haven’t tagged you in a picture then you wont have to worry about random pictures floating on a friends profile, you will be able to have access and control any pictures that have your name on them.

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