Guest Post – How You Can Save and Convert Online Videos


There was a time when it was difficult to convert video files. There are many formats used online (FLV, Ogg, MP4, MKV etc), but conversion is easier now. This is because there are many excellent programs available. Now you don’t have to know much about codecs, bit rates and interlacing to save these online videos.

Miro Video Converter

This is one of the easiest apps you will come across. You just have to drag a video to the software and choose one of the options from the menu. Click convert and that’s it. The program has settings for Android phones (Droid, Nexus, G1 etc), iPods, iPhones and the Sony PlayStation.

Miro Video Converter adjusts the videos so they are scaled to the appropriate screen dimensions. The aspect ratio is kept. This is also one of the few apps that has Ogg Theory support, the one employed by Wikipedia. However, the software doesn’t have any transfer features.

miro video converter


Vuze is a BitTorrent client. It is capable of converting videos downloaded for Tivo DVRs, Microsoft’s Xbox 360, PSP, PS3, Apple TV, iPods, and iPhones. This client is also known for the large amount of content it offers. Your home network can be used to stream or transfer files via the chosen playback. This software runs on Windows and Mac.


RealPlayer SP

RealPlayer SP has improved a lot compared to its previous releases. The program offers plenty of options to convert video files. You can save those files to be viewed on an iPhone, BlackBerry, PS3, and the Xbox 360. Another nice feature is the ability to directly download YouTube videos. There are some basic editing tools built-in. You can trim the video before making any conversion or transfer.



DoubleTwist is one of the most versatile converters around. You can also transfer files with ease. The biggest strength of DoubleTwist is its compatibility with more than 200 devices. Popular ones like Android and Apple are supported but so are the PSP, Nokia handsets, Palm and BlackBerry. DoubleTwist also lets users subscribe to video podcasts. It has so many features that it is almost like iTunes except it isn’t limited to the iOS.


DivX Plus

DivX Plus makes conversion of video simple. The files can then be played on devices that have Div-X certification. DivX Plus videos can be played on a lot of DVD players, the PS3 and practically all Blu-ray devices. In fact you can convert videos and play them on television sets. The software also lets you transfer videos to a DVD, CD or USB flash drive.

DivX Plus


Xenra is a web based program for downloading and converting YouTube videos. You can save the file in different formats. You can also use the program to extract some audio tracks or entire videos. Xenra is known for being very easy to use.

All you have to do is enter the YouTube link for the video you want. Click the “Download Now” button and that’s it. Choose what format to save it. You can select the quality and other features of the program.


The facts above show that it is easier than ever to convert video files. If you are unsure of these programs, it is a good idea to try as many as possible. Make sure you read the help files so you can maximize the features of each program.

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