Guest Post – Best Finance Apps for Windows Phone

Though, due to high success of Android and iOS devices, the number of Windows Phone users has decreased gradually, but still many people are there who use the Windows Phone. There might not be as many apps, as for other mobile OS like Android or iOS, but still you can find plenty of useful apps, related to various categories, for your Windows Phone. If you are using Windows Phone, then you might have installed the entertainment apps, but what about using your favorite windows phone for your finance related tasks. Let’s have a look at the best finance apps for Windows Phone.


As you know, the best way to send or receive money online is PayPal. They have their own official app for Windows Phone. All those of you, who use PayPal for sending and receiving money, must install the official PayPal on your Windows phone. The app is  free to use and enables you to check your PayPal balance, while on the go. Moreover, as PayPal is supported on major shopping websites, so having this app in your Windows Phone, you can purchase your favorite stuff, while outside.

My Expenses

Do your expenses are too much and this is effecting your net monthly savings? If this is the case, then you must install this app. It works as same as its name is. You can sync your bank accounts and can track the outgoing and incoming money and thus can track the transactions. You can set the budget so that you don’t exceed your limits. The information that you save in this app, is completely safe, so you can use this app, without any worry.


Are you interested in investing money online or you are professional trader? If this is so, then it’s very important for you to stay updated with the latest stock market rates. You can do so by installing this app on your Windows phone. Their real time feature keeps you updated with the latest happenings in stock market. Moreover, you can also check out the tips of analysts to make good money by stock trading. The push notification feature of the app is just awesome which notifies you about the latest stock news, right at your Windows Phone’s screen.

Currency Exchanger

Do you deal in currencies other than that of your own country? If yes, then you must stay updated with latest currency conversion rates. Well, this is damn tough task but can make this easy by installing the Currency Exchanger app. The large database of the app has got the support of all currencies and all the conversion rates keep updating from time to time.

ATM Hunter

Need money? Have ATM card in hands but don’t know the ATM machine? Well, this is common thing to happen, but don’t let this happen again by using this app on your Windows Phone. You can find your nearest ATM, using this app.

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