Guest Post – Best Android Task Manager Apps

Android enabled phones have millions of lovers who just can’t get enough of the smart phones. A lot remains to be explored which is why the users will never get tired of it. Apart from regular texting and calling, your smart phone keeps you busy with endless games and apps. The new generation smartphone has not only constrained to gaming or texting, infact it has been abundantly used for social networking and managing more complicated tasks. It allows you to remain active on social networks, download songs and browse endless websites and what not. But while doing all these you never realize how it empties your phone’s battery. This is because when you open an app, it keeps on running at the backdrop even if it not used. Call it a necessary evil or a drawback of multitasking feature, but you will always be wasting your phone’s memory in running background task. But android developers have developed a pretty nice solution called “task manager” to come over such restrictions.

There are many task manager apps available in Google play store for android lovers. To help you with a solution, here are some of the best task managers for android smart phone:

Juice Defender

The first prominent name in this category is Juice Defender. A free but vitally important task manager for android users offers so many options to tinker with. This app helps in saving ample battery life in your phone. Best thing about it is that it comes for free. It has extreme and aggressive level managers, from which you will have to make the choice. Even though it is free of cost, Ultimate Juice is the optional one which cannot be availed for free. However, with this basic app you can easily shut down data which you are not accessing. When the programs turn off, you save battery which increases its longevity.

Juice Defender Android App

Advanced Task Killer

This is a very popular and superior task manager. It functions effectively by enlisting the programs running in your phone, when not in use. You can use the ‘kill selected apps’ to close down the programs which will show up in the list. It is checked with a green mark so that you can promptly act. By un-checking any particular app you can keep it functioning in the background. It also helps in automatically ending apps without paying for it.

Advanced Task Killer Android App

Advanced Task Manager

By using this app too you can manage the programs. It helps you end all those apps running unnecessarily in your phone. It helps in making your phone run faster and also makes more space in the memory. It ends task in a jiffy and helps in saving plenty of battery life which you can sue for doing considerable productive work. It has been enabled with some great features which might interest you. It kills in a single click and also kills apps when screens are shut apart from providing 2.3 Android support. Another feature includes the quick installer option.

Advanced Task Manager android app


Apart from these task managers, you can make use of Advanced Battery Improve, which is actually used for saving battery. ES Task manager helps you own uncluttered android phone. It works as a cleaner offering many options to keep it clean. Though there is the Garbage Collector which makes sure that useless stuff is removed from the phone.

Advanced Battery Improve

Advanced Battery Improve

If money is not an issue you can buy apps that are efficient. Advanced Task Killer’s Pro version, System Panel App and Advanced Task Manager’s Pro version can be purchased with enhanced functions. You get a whole range of apps for your android phone which helps you manage the programs. You don’t need to worry when these are controlled wisely by the task managers.

In essece, there is almost anything that can be done on your android phone using such applications. If you’re having trouble downloading such apps due to poor internet issue (there is a solution for that mentioned here), then you can refer the guide to download APK from Google Playstore to PC and then transfer it to the phone.

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