Guest Post – 5 Keys to a Profit Pulling Direct Mail Campaign

With the growing popularity of Internet marketing channels, savvy marketing professionals are starting to redirect their attention to direct mail marketing campaigns because of the reduced amount of competition. If you want to market to your leads without all of the noise, you are bound to get more attention by designing the right marketing mailers and sending your materials to the right prospects. But if you want to pull a profit from your campaign, you need to plan ahead. Here are 5 key factors to focus on to start your campaign off on the right foot.

1. Designing the Right Sales Copy

Avoid one of the biggest mistakes of direct mail campaigns and spend a lot of time designing a sales copy or a marketing letter that actually sales. The whole purpose of marketing is to communicate value to your customers. If you opened a new office in the area, you need to tell customers how they will benefit from coming to your office. Make sure you have an attention grabbing headline. Use actual testimonials that back up your claims.

2. Choose a Targeted Niche

It might be tempting to print an entire leads list and send your mailers out to everyone. This is not an effective way to market if you want to earn a return on the investment. The more targeted your campaign is, the more likely you are to succeed. Sit down and determine who will benefit most from what you are selling. Decide if you want to market to a specific area, a specific are group, or people with very specific interests. Once you do this, you can see if the targeting is working.

5 Keys to a Profit Pulling Direct Mail Campaign

3. Make Sure You Have a Comprehensive List

You should never expect a response rate of 10 or 15 percent when you are marketing to customers you have not established a relationship with. The larger your targeted list, the better. If your list is looking sparse, do your best to generate more leads through lead generation efforts. After all, direct mail marketing is a numbers game that you need to be prepared to play.

4. Do Not End the Letter without a Call to Action

Consumers need to know what steps you want them to take next. If you want to speak with them, tell them to call your office as soon as possible. If you are offering a sales promotion, tell them to buy before the promotion ends. Without a call to action, you leave consumers wondering.

5. Tracking and Testing

All marketing campaigns should be tested for success and profitability. Determine how much you are investing into the campaign and determine how many responses you are getting. By doing this, you can see which targeted lists to focus on and which mailers might need to be redesigned or scrapped.

As you start to learn what works and what does not, your campaigns are sure to deliver better results. Make sure you take time to develop the right mailers and run the right leads lists. By doing this, you can profit and build your book-of-business.

Author Bio: Jennie is a dental marketing executive and author of several books on marketing. She recommends implementing a dental direct mail campaign as part of your overall marketing strategy. She also recommends 123 Postcards as your one stop resource for your dental practice marketing needs.

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