Guest Post – 4 Disadvantages of Cloud Computing You Must Known About


You may have heard of cloud computing which gives you the power of storing your important files online and access them from several locations. From the outer surface, you can see that cloud computing is a great and useful service but when you try to find out more about it, you will get to know that it has its share of disadvantages too. The advantages of cloud computing are just like one side of a coin but the other side has in store some disadvantages that are not at all negligible. In this post, we will explore some disadvantages of cloud computing. Read on!

1. Your Data is Never Safe

The online world consists of different kinds of people and some of those people are classified as hackers! So well, there are several hackers on internet and there are several methods by which your account can be hacked, no matter how much security you have enabled. There is no doubt that the sites try their best to provide as much security as they can but well, you have to understand that the majority of the security features have a counter-attack and hackers may use them to hack in your account. The bottom line of all this is that your data may not be safe when you store it in cloud computing so you have to be a bit alert and I suggest you to never store your credit card details or other very private data on cloud computing services.

2. Downtime Problems

There is no doubt that an online service can have problems with codes and that may lead to the site going into downtime. It may not be accessible by users in that time and if you need to access some important data at that time, you may not be able to do it. The service will ‘apologize for the inconvenience’ later on but well; they won’t know the problems you have faced.

disadvantages of cloud computing

3. The Service May Access Your Data

Since you have hosted your data on a third-party company, your data may be at risk of being accessed by the company. They may not delete your data but if your data is very private, it, being accessed by other people may be a problem for you. You have to make sure that you trust the company on which you are uploading your important data on the cloud.

4. Lack of Support

There are several cloud computing services which provide quite good services but there are chances that you may face problems while using the service. Majority of the services do not have apt customer service options. Many of them have FAQs but a less amount of these services provide users with direct customer support contact which is quite required for such services.

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