Guest Post – 3 Social Networking Challenges; Kiss Them Goodbye Today!

We have all heard it; social networking is good for personal relatedness, it can help you keep in touch with friends and family and even aid in making new friends. It can shoot your business to the roof, making it more trustworthy and help in traffic generation. Yes, these are all true and will probably continue to be. After all, who doesn’t want a cool place to hand out with friends or perhaps take their business to a cool place where products and services are perfected with customers’ suggestions and opinions making them more customer-friendly and accessible? Many businesses and bloggers have been using these sites for promotion and indeed, they work. Social networking continues to fetch a couple of visitors for my software review site, too, where I share Mixbook codes and Pinnacle discount coupons as well as those of other digital product creation services. So I have been getting my share of social traffic too, and we can all attest to its effectiveness.

The benefits of using social networking platforms cannot be over emphasized. Their fruitful results are evident both in our personal and professional lives. However, this huge record of benefits does not take away the fact that there are few negative challenges of using social networking platforms. When not used with caution, these social sites can have negative effects in our personal lives as well as in our businesses. Here are few of these challenges and how you can keep them at bay.

#1 – Deception

Almost all the social sites allow users to use any information that best describes there personality, which in most cases stand unverified. Hence people can willingly use different names that are not theirs on their profile, including another person’s image and any other data they deem fit. Depending on what you are using your profile for on these sites, you therefore have to be cautious as to what you share and the kind of conversation you exchange with online friends. If you have a fan page or a twitter profile built around your business or blog, this may not mean a big deal but when you are interacting with your personal profile, always learn to keep your private life private, unless you have known the person or until you have learnt enough about your social connections.

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#2 – Low Productivity

This is the one negative effect that almost everyone is guilty of at one point or the other. For instance, can you tell how many hours you spent when you last visited Facebook? I mean those times  when you log in to make a post on your fan page and then went checking a couple of comments on your personal wall, shared a couple of fun images and then head over to tell a friend how his status got you laughing. It doesn’t always go as planned, does it? There are still times when I find myself busy watching my “friends” pictures or reading some seemingly hot news on a friend’s wall.

If you think you can start your day with any of the social sites, you’d better have a tough work ethics to pull it off. Talk about those funny tweets, exciting YouTube videos and of course, there is always a Facebook friend with birthday pictures plastered everywhere. The truth be told, we can easily loss control of time on social platforms owing to their engaging features. And guess where this is leading us to? Another day of under-achievement!

To fight this, you must clearly define your daily social activities, especially those that relate to your business. Map out a particular time of the day to complete these activities and make the time count. Again, you need discipline, we all need it!

#3 – Privacy

Privacy is one of the major concerns of users on social sites. I have read several places where people argued that it is best to use personal details that don’t actually spit whom you are. However, instead of deceiving people with your profile, there is no social networking site out there without enough privacy control options which you can make use of. Some of these options will allow you to control who sees your profile, your status updates and so many others. As a business, you can also control which group of people can see your fan page, your adverts, and those promotional photos you want to share.

Are you or your business currently suffering unfavorable results from social sites? I believe that these tips will help you to take the right step towards making the most of your social networking time.

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