Guest Post – 10 Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter


Twitter is an indispensable social media tool to share information quickly and in a concisely. It has proven itself as a worthy mainstay in the social media world and its popularity has immensely grown over the years, averaging up to 500,000,000 users to date. This mobile app is accessible to anyone who has mobile phones and tablets powered by Android, iOS and Windows. App compatibility is not an issue.

Based on statistics as of the end of October, Lady Gaga finally bagged first place and took over Justin Bieber’s reign on the top spot by gathering over 30 million twitter followers.  And here’s how you can get more chirp from your tweet.

1. Strut your feathers

Don’t leave your profile blank. Try making it more personal, more you! Add photos and play with some colours. Spice up your bio and write some interesting stuff about yourself. People don’t respond well to faceless, anonymous profiles. Unless you want to make yourself see mysterious a laNatalee Holloway but then tweeting probably isn’t for you.

2. On the wing

Tweet on the go with your mobile phone. Interestingly, 43% of twitter users access their twitter via smart phones compared with just over 30% for Facebook.

3. Tweeting is cheap

So don’t be shy to engage in conversation. A burden shared is a care lessened. Good news needs friends. Twitter is about sharing so have a natter and be free with your links and re-tweets. Build active conversation and rapport with your followers.

4. Have good chat

Create and build conversations as well as be open to expanding your circle. People don’t want to feel like they are being sold something all the time so be careful not to come across too pushy especially if you own your business.

5. Birds of the same feather flock together

Embrace the twitter language. Tweet @ people and start trending topics using hash tags. They are also useful reference points for people following your conversation.

6. Have a discerning eye

Yes, hash tags are great. Love them to bits and they are a great way of promoting your site but don’t make a hash of it otherwise you will dilute their worth. You also might come across a bit juvenile if you overload your tweets with too many random links or symbols.

7. One team, One dream

Twitter is a social hub. If you have friends or associates, that are active tweeters, work together to build each other’s followship.

Use #FF (follow Friday) people tweet and recommend followers they like every Friday. Be nice and genuine and promote others too, recommend your fave tweeters to others.

8. Nurture your media empire

Even Murdoch had to start from somewhere. Connect your burgeoning media dominion together and make it easy for people to follow you, use your personalised URL and add your twitter handle to your emails, blog posts and the like.

9. Direct your bird song

With so many tweeters out there you can have your audience flitter away to another post. Tweet @people to get their attention. But be careful not to habitually tweet random rants, it’s a major turn-off.

10. All tweets on deck

Tweetdeck is a good app to use in managing your tweets. It aids you in organizing your followers as well as those you are following. Making group lists and designating specific keywords can help you sort out your tweets automatically. So when people mention you in a tweet or shared interests, it is easily noticeable and lets you respond in a jiffy.

So there you have it. Follow these tips and make your way to twitter stardom.

About the Author: Allie Cooper is a young upcoming writer, a certified gamer known for weaving in her indelible wit into tech and game reviews, and writes about tech companies, from UK and internet start-ups to bigger businesses. Follow me on Twitter and G+

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