Guest Post – 10 Apps For Android: Go With The Flow And Create A Difference

The use of Android apps is clearly visible during the recent times and people have gradually realized the benefits of using these apps. The presence of these applications on your Smartphone has made life more easy and flexible during the recent times.  Whether it is business, travel, dining or visiting a new place, you will get almost everything on your mobile phone. With the advancement of technology, life has become simpler and it is easier to handle complicated solutions from your Smartphone.

Here is a list of ten android apps that are worth checking out :

Wonder apps: A different approach to life, work and entertainment

EverPaper: This is one of the most recommended apps for android through which it is easier to download all the web pages that you are saving while you are browsing the internet.

Double Twist: if you are a music enthusiast, installing this app on your Smartphone will allow you to access a series of iTunes playlist within the shortest time limit.

Sling Player: You will be able to watch everything that is being played on your television including your favorite programs on the Smartphone. This is a little expensive although you will surely not like to miss your favorite programs.

Draw Something: This is a wonder app that is related to interesting games. If you are keen to play something different here is an app that will allow you to get the most enjoyable opportunity to draw something that will be interpreted in a different manner by the opponent.

Onlive premium: If you are feeling guilty about not having a PC, here is an app that will put all your worries at bay. In fact, this is a top version for a PC. In other words, this app is compatible with a PC for which the operating system is Windows 7.


android apps worth checking out

In the age of social networking and improved means of communication, there is lot more exposure that is difficult to hide. Android apps have brought significant changes in our lives and is has helped us to make our lives better and more meaningful through various ways.  It is amazing that such a small device like a Smartphone can actually provide so many ways of looking at life. With the help of these apps, life has become simpler and human beings have been able to find better solutions to life.

Let us now discuss the next series of apps for Android:

The power of Android apps

Overskreen: With this app, you will get an opportunity for internet browsing in a side by side pattern on your screen.

Mint: If you have been facing troubles lately with your cash account checking facility, you will be able to carry this bank in your pocket. You will come to know what you have spent and how much balance is available in your account.

Poweramp: This is a great musical app that will allow users to enjoy the best of opportunities to listen to music and adjust the movements such as treble and bass with some of the best accompaniments.

Kindle for Android: This app will allow you to view the color cover of various books that you will remember.

Dolphin Browser HD: This is a multifarious app that is equipped with various plug-in, combines with Google bookmarks and everything seems positive with this app.

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