Google Page-Rank Update 6 Feb 2012

Google Recently launched an update in toolbar Page Rank, popularly known as PR. Google Toolbar PR shows how popular and effective a website is, specially in terms of links (back links). Generally, a good website has PR 3-5 and new ones have PR N/A to 2. Some sites which derive huge traffic and are very influential, like Mashable and TechCrunch have PR 7 or 8. Page Rank of a website is depended on its back-links, both number and quality.

In the recent page rank update, technovalley regained PR3 which it had lost a few months ago. Also, many of our pages have gained Page Rank after the recent Google Page-Rank Update that took place on 6 Feb, 2011. Some of the major changes were:

If you did not see any change in your Page Ranks, then there is not too much to worry! You just need to work harder to get more back links ( preferably do-follow ones ). And if you have lost Page Rank, do not worry too much. Just try to be more active on social networks and comment on Dofollow blogs.

What effect did this update have on your blogs? Do share on the comments below.

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