Getting the Most Out of Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a highly successful and aged method of online promotion. It helps a business to stay connected to its customers, past visitors, and other interested potential customers. Your company’s message is mass delivered to the people who sign up for your email “alerts”; meaning you can design a newsletter or promotional email within a matter of minutes and have it delivered instantaneously. This is not only good for product sales, it is an amazing tool for driving traffic to your website.

An Enticing Sign-Up Form

If your landing page for your opt in form is not appealing to visitors or customers, there is a good chance that they will not be interested in signing up for your email list. Therefore, you should be sure to mention exactly what your company’s emails are about. Will these emails offer coupons and discounts? Will they alert the viewer to the newest products and services? Will they offer links to informational articles? Maybe even freebies or samples? Your email campaigns may range greatly, but it is important to highlight all of the benefits that come along with being a subscriber. These benefits will determine whether or not someone will want to sign up.

Reliable Marketing Software

If you are sending out company related emails to thousands of people, you are going to want some of the best email marketing software available. If you choose software with lower ratings or plenty of bugs, the negative effects could reach the subscribers on your list. This could be VERY bad for the company. Such bugs could cause your email campaign to be blasted to the subscriber list multiple times, making your company look spammy or annoying. Do not opt for the cheapest software available; you should seek quality and lots of positive reviews.

Opt In Process

The opt in process is very important. When a user signs up for an email list, they commonly receive a confirmation email. If they do not click through the confirmation link, they generally will not be added to the subscriber list. This is important, as it prevents people from signing friends or family up for your emails without the third party’s permission. An opt in is quick and easy, and will add value to your future email marketing campaigns. In addition, this will also keep your company emails from landing in the spam folder.

Subject Lines


The subject line should always intrigue the recipient. With a boring subject line, it is likely that they will delete it without reading it. Half of the battle is persuading the recipient to open the email to view your message. Try using exciting subject lines that will draw attention.

Do You Know What’s Effective?

If your email campaigns are not driving the desired traffic or sales, you need to ensure that the content is considered worthwhile by your audience. This closely relates to the subject line discussion. Simply avoid using material that has been proven to be ineffective in the past, while utilizing content that creates a buzz much more often.

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