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With the Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 8 looming in the horizon and is set on its final and official release. A lot of Windows users are worried that Windows 8 may have a lot of bugs and maybe unstable much like with its previous versions (ex. Windows XP) when it was released.

Still, what we are excited about this new operating system is its wonderful interface Metro.

Get a Glimpse of Metro

Metro is the term that Microsoft used for their new and innovative operating system UI. And people would want to install this awesome Windows 8 theme just to give it a go on their Windows 7 desktop. This has all revolutionized with Metro7 and Instant Beautiful Browsing, a Windows theme manager solely for Windows 7.

With this programs installed you’ll get the feel of how the Metro UI is and also and you may get almost the same functionality of the real Metro applications in Windows 8.


Metro 7 app

Appearance and Feel

You’re ready to interact with good friends on Twitter and Facebook. Receive email updates and messages straight from your desktop. It also has widgets that can provide time and date and weather information.

On top right side of your screen displays more options, this allows you to pin various applications as a metro tile, configure some settings and also to exit the metro application. To access weather alerts, click on the weather widget, then enter the city name of the city, click on search and look for your city name. Metro7 also allows you to play music but largely it acts as a launcher for other programs such as the Control Panel and browser web pages.

One other cool thing found in Metro7 is the free usage of their library of freeware apps. Applications from the Windows store are a bit similar to iPhone or Android app.

Regardless of whether you like the new Metro style of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 OS or otherwise, this application may be worth getting a shot when you’re wondering about what the hype is about the Metro design.

Metro7 is registered as Freeware for Windows (32-bit also 64-bit) operating system / platform from design software for windows without constraints.

Instant Beautiful Browsing

Instant Beautiful Browsing

The Metro user interface is designed to make everything more convenient by setting it in front of you. You start by downloading the setup archive close to 13MB, then extract and install it.

After installation, Instant Beautiful Browsing (or IBB) could be readily accessed from a desktop shortcut exactly like every other program.

The application features Metro tiles the same as that of Windows 8 and then fixed by default for Weather, Clock, Browser, Gmail, Shop, Music and others. You can actually click on a tile to access the linked application. Modification freaks is certainly delighted to see that you may also change the tiles yourself to add as well as take out new applications.

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