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Social Media

I was just surfing around some time ago when i found a great software. I realized that between an array of different social networks and different websites to whose notification we must stay updated, we get somewhat confused. It would be great for users like me who have limited screen time to get all those notifications in one place. This is possible to softwares like the Somoto Toolbar. Though this toolbar has a lot of features, the noticeable ones include its social media integration, specially with Google Plus,Twitter and Facebook.

How it makes Social Media Better

Facebook integration is impressive. Though you can use it only with FireFox and Internet Explorer, it is great. Facebook Users  can use this software and get instant messages and updates using this Software. The Toolbar also carries shortcuts to useful links. You can Update your own status, Read others status and and share whatever you want to with this toolbar. It is just click of a button away! Whats More? it also has shortcuts to insert smiles into your posts and updates.

If you are on twitter, you can remotely read your latest tweets and retweets from the people following you. You can also compose a new tweet from anywhere on the web. The toolbar also brings the new and famous Google Plus social network as well as blogspot features. This way you can keep updated instantly!

Other Interesting Features

That is not all. It also contains a lot of useful and instantly accessed links for your convenience, just click and go! You can get news from various areas like BBC and also Sports news without actually hunting for it, right where you are. Also other noteworthy things are updates about stock market and that too live.

Another interesting feature is Instant Email Notification. Somoto Toolbar can notify you about your mails and it supports an array of web services, from Gmail to Hotmail. These notifications are instantly received by the toolbar.

Other Great features are available and the somoto toolbar saves time. You can give it a try as it is really useful.

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