Fujitsu Notebook: Farewell and Welcome to the Micro-Projector

If you were to think of a change to be made in the field of notebooks what would you think? Perhaps the first thing that would come to mind these days would be the 3D display that does not require goggles. Fujitsu, however, does not think the same way.

For the Japanese seems ripe for innovation, to replace a device that is an integral part of the budget of laptops for a very long time, the optical drive with a device more in step with the changing needs of users.

The CD, which later became the powerful DVD and then Blu-Ray was so retired, and now, on it can be seen on the two new models of Nissan. To take its place, even physically, since it is installed in the same space inside the chassis is a micro-projector (or pico, as defined by the same manufacturer).

The new LifeBook S761 / C and P771 / C, is dedicated to professional consumer since it gives up the optical drive in favor of a device that can project content, which is particularly useful if you need to take frequent presentations.

It is characterized respectively by a 13.3 and 12.1-inch diagonal display, reeling on a Core i5-2530M, 8 GB of RAM and a hard disk of 160 GB, for a price of $2675 and $3,110 in the U.S. market.


Certainly, for similar figures, adding 2 GB of RAM and the adoption of a hard drive of at least 250 GB, it was the least that could be expected, given that the sum plus the cost of the two components with respect to the standard (you get barely 50 €).

In this case there is no remedy at all, providing the ability to customize the allocation of the two machines. However, what remains without appeal is the fact that, with the two new creations of Fujitsu, if your presentation can be saved on optical media, you must use an external drive. At this point I will make the prestigious question: Is it better to have an external device, the projector or the drive for CD / DVD / BluRay?

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