Facebook Messenger App For blackberry makes things easier and better


There isn’t a single mobile phone in the market today that does not need or advertise for Facebook. Iphones, Blackberries, all Android phones, the Nokia top ones and some quite a few others had the Facebook application. And how important has Facebook-ing become in all our lives goes unsaid. For some its the best platform for socializing with family and friends on serious terms where for others if could only be a part of passing leisure time. Whatever the reason, this application has been crazily wanted all over the world. Where all other topnotch phones had the Facebook messaging application, Blackberry too, has now introduced it. This makes messaging and chatting to all Blackberry users very easy and helpful.

How the Facebook Messenger App for Blackberry comes Handy

This application saves your time from opening the main Facebook app, logging in, selecting the friend and writing him a message. The new Facebook messaging app of Blackberry only needs you to download it. Once done, you can simply lo-gin and keep yourself logged in for hours. When you want to write a message, it gives you the list of messages just like you Facebook application has. Open it and start messaging or chatting with an online friend.

The Facebook messenger gives you an easy thread of conversation you have had with a friend that you can go back and read anytime. Also, it does not take a lot of time to load your previous conversations. The time and date, like any other good messenger service is apt and given. On the main list you have the friends’ list on the top left and the “write new message” tab on the top right. Writing a new message will take you to send, cancel and recipient’s name options and the friends’ tab will take you to the list of all your Facebook friends in alphabetical order. There is also a search box to put in any friend’s name and go send him a message directly. The friends that have mobile numbers on their accounts are also mentioned that makes you easy to send them a text message from this messenger app.

Apart from messaging and chatting with online and offline friends, one of the best things in this app is you can send pictures and receive files too. This is easily done with famous Blackberry apps like Whats App, Gtalk, Y! Messenger etc, but Facebook being the most famous of all and the bet socializing media, the Facebook messenger will be the most efficient of all. Friends that you don’t find online on other messengers and BBM will be easily found here to chat and share things.

How to Get the Application

To get the Blackberry chat application, simply log in into your BB world like you do for any other app and download. It will be shown on your home screen. The Facebook messenger app does not take much storage space with all the qualities of a good messenger. Now, you have all the reason you have a BB and more reasons to socialize online.

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