Essential Tips for Unlocking Phones and Saving Money


The maintenance requirements for keeping a cell phone are quite high. Not to mention that they could also mean a good sum of money. One way of saving money on your phone bills or your cell phone maintenance is unlocking them. We give you reasons why and some how to tips to live by.

Why Unlocking Phone can save Dollars?

Basically, mobile phones are connected to one service. They carry an IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity, which is basically a serial number that determines as to what wireless service they are connected with. Aside from that serial number, mobile phones also have removable SIM or Subscriber Information Module, which connects the phone to the subscriber and the phone to the network company. Network companies usually lock the phone to their service so as not to be unavailable to other wireless services.

That’s why when you need to switch to another network or wireless service you will also need to buy a new phone, which makes owning a cell phone pretty expensive. That will not be so if you know the essential tips for unlocking phones.

Unlocking phones will allow you to change SIM cards without fuss. It will free you from roaming charges threat. It will also let you find another owner for your phone and not hear any complains about it not carrying their network provider.

Of course, before making any move, you need to ensure that all your legal obligations with your network provider, which was defined in a contract, has been fulfilled. That’s the only time you can unlock your phone and not worry about anything.

Tips for Unlocking Phones

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Previously, unlocking phones mean that you will carry your phone into a service company and let a technical professional perform the task. Nowadays, however, you just need to avail of a mobile phone unlocking service. Suddenly, there is no need to make much effort or wait any longer. That does not mean, however, that you carelessly go ahead with the process. Remember that there are some things you must consider. Take note of the following cues:

Tip #1: Make clear with your liabilities to your network provider. Unlocking your phone is only proper if you have already exhausted the contract you signed with your network provider. Otherwise, you will still need to pay the charges involved for the full duration of the contract.

Tip #2: Unlocking will give you more freedom personalizing your cell phone. However, just to be safe, make sure that you only add up reliable applications that will further enhance the function and beauty of your phone without risking damaging it.

Tip #3: If your contract with your wireless provider is finished, you can ask the company to provide you with an unlocking code. This is safer than trusting online service. Then again, be prepared to go through a process and probably some time to wait for any result.

Tip #4: Know the rules. In an amendment to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, unlocking phones is deemed legal. That makes you free from liability of any charges that may be made by your service provider. However, you should also keep in mind that subscribers are given a fair warning to unlock their phones at their own risk. Some cell phone manufacturers may have that precaution regarding unlocking phones, which may void its warranty.

Hitesh is an engineering student and pursuing his final year in Electronics and Telecommunication branch. His final year project is “Bus Rapid Transit System” which is related to Smartphone and GSM Module. Also He purchased the new Samsung Galaxy S2 Smartphone last year and unlocked the phone on his own, thereby discussing the same.

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